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    real LP or best fake ever?

    If I needed more evidence to confirm that it was stolen this is probably it: It came in a fake Gibson case. My guitar tech told me that this case probably isn't a real Gibson case. He said he's never seen a case with the Gibson logo on the neck end like that. They always put the logo on the...
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    real LP or best fake ever?

    Well if it is stolen I'd rather just give it back to its rightful owner. It's basically worthless right now so it's no further loss to me just to give it back. Then I can buy one that will truly be mine. BTW I discovered something interesting today: The numbers 197 are written in pencil in the...
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    real LP or best fake ever?

    I had no idea I had so many replies (only got email re the first one). Thank you all for your thoughts! I did contact Gibson and unfortunately they had no record of the serial number. However they also said they were relatively certain it is a real Les Paul based on all the detailed pictures I...
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    real LP or best fake ever?

    Greetings, This is my first post here. I hope someone can help me figure out whether this 2010 Les Paul Traditional I bought on eBay 4 years ago is real or not. It's an absolutely authentic-looking guitar with just one glaring exception: there is a weird sanding & finish pattern on the back of...

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