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  1. Gonz

    who gives a rats ass about the royal wedding?

    :applause: No, I'm saying I pay the full tax I owe rather than paying myself a minimum salary and claiming everything else through expenses, adding my non working wife to the payroll as a non-executive director and working the many available loopholes I could. I do miss the whores and the...
  2. Gonz

    who gives a rats ass about the royal wedding?

    You'll get no argument from me on that score, personally I think it's disgraceful and another example of how the assembly will go for any populist nonsense to justify it's own existence - even if it means people demanding a 17p pack of paracetamol on prescription despite it costing £3 or so...
  3. Gonz

    who gives a rats ass about the royal wedding?

    Who's this 'we' exactly? If you're going to go down a regionalist route then you can also extrapolate that London subsidises the UK as a whole as it generates far more taxation revenue than any other single region, simply because it has a substantially greater proportion of higher rate...
  4. Gonz

    who gives a rats ass about the royal wedding?

    The cost of the ceremony is being bourne by the families, the taxpayer is 'only' picking up the approximate £10 million costs for security, transportation and 'associated costs'.
  5. Gonz

    who gives a rats ass about the royal wedding?

    I'm getting out of the country to avoid the damn thing. It's bad enough my taxes are paying for it but I'm sure as hell not going to suffer through watching it or put up with any of the endless media hype that goes with it.
  6. Gonz

    Favorite Covers...List em

    Fixed. People talk about going back in time and killing Hitler, **** that, personally I'd go back and kill Col. Tom Parker. The backstage stuff that's bundled as an extra on the 'That's The Way It Is' DVD when they're just jamming around gives a good insight into what could have been if he...
  7. Gonz

    R.I.P Scooby

    RIP Scooby, my condolences bud, losing a pet is always hard and I've done the 'finding' thing myself and it's anything but easy.
  8. Gonz

    No reply from rs guitarworks

    Someone was asking about this in a post the other day, I think you need a certain amount of posts before you can access the PM function, can't remember how many but it wasn't much so you're probably not far off.
  9. Gonz

    Favorite Covers...List em

    A few more.... YouTube - The Rolling Stones - Love In Vain (vinyl) YouTube - Townes Van Zandt - Dead Flowers YouTube - Hotel California (Gipsy Kings) 1990 YouTube - The Jesus & Mary Chain - Guitar Man YouTube - Pixies Head On YouTube - NOFX - Vincent YouTube - Me First and the...
  10. Gonz

    FS/FT 2005 Candy Tangerine Deluxe Fender Telecaster

    I've got the 2002 version with the rosewood fretboard, beautiful looking and playing guitar. Good luck with the sale :thumb:
  11. Gonz

    Rock songs about...

    Since when is Go With The Flow about sex? :confused: Great tune though.
  12. Gonz

    Anyone remember the Commodor C64

    Sounds like it's making a comeback! Commodore 64 lives again! | Technology |
  13. Gonz

    Favorite Covers...List em

    A few more I didn't see listed already... YouTube - Machine Head- message in a bottle HD YouTube - Janes Addiction Rock & Roll live YouTube - Dinosaur Jr. - Just Like Heaven YouTube - The Faces - Maybe I'm Amazed YouTube - Mr. Bojangles - Nina Simone YouTube - the Specials-...
  14. Gonz

    Kurt Cobain

    I was a big Nirvana fan and was pretty cut up when I heard the news. I'd just got back from a friends birthday party the day before and was slumped in front of MTV nursing a hangover at the time so pulled the acoustic out and played every Nirvana song I knew which was most of them.
  15. Gonz

    Need some info..

    Some info here: fernandes infos - Telecaster Guitar Forum
  16. Gonz

    A nod to ST's worst burger - WHAT'S GOOD?

    No salad for a start, this is man food! Working from the bottom up... Bun, Ketchup, Mayo, Burger, Blue cheese, Sauteed mushrooms, Burger, Pate - a thick wedge at least the same height as the burger, Bun. Damn this thread is making me hungry!
  17. Gonz

    "Date Crushing" Films.

    Man Bites Dog - Awesome film, a Belgian mockumentary about a film crew following an inept serial killer around and gradually getting involved in the killings themselves. I took a girl to see it on a 2nd date and she left before the film finished and just flat out blanked me after that.
  18. Gonz

    Worst Fast Food Burger.

    Where's Frasier Foods out of interest? Not that I'm keen to try them after your description but I lived in Pattaya for a couple of years and can't place them.......can't believe anything could be worse than the Hamburger Denmark stalls either! :shock: If you ever head up north the Chiang Mai...
  19. Gonz

    What chord is this?

    Whatever it's called Buffalo Tom use it a lot with bass runs along the A and low E strings to a G chord and back.
  20. Gonz

    What would you do with a million dollars?

    Give half the money to my folks so they can enjoy their retirement in style and use the other half to buy a decent plot of land on the coast just outside Chanthaburi (east Thailand) and build a house there.

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