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  1. lawrev

    New BJA Junior. 2.2k

    Love that green finish!
  2. lawrev

    New BJA Junior. 2.2k

    I showed this new guitar and the case to a local female guitarist in a rock band and she loves the case and the guitar - she said that this combo will be highly desirable to female guitarists. Speaking of which, are there any approximate figures for the % of members here who are women?
  3. lawrev

    NGD -- SG Junior

    That guitar is a blast! I owned one. The 63 neck is slightly thicker than the 61 slim taper, and I love the 63 profile.
  4. lawrev

    Why is The 1959 Gibson Les Paul Burst Special?

    The original Les Paul Standard single cut was not made between the end of 1960 and 1968 (I'm not counting the SG style - that's entirely different). That gap is among the reasons why the 1958-60 units are so valuable. If they had stayed in production (even concurrently with the SG) there would...
  5. lawrev

    New BJA Junior. 2.2k

    The prices of the 2006-2011 BJA Juniors are roughly double for what they sold new.
  6. lawrev

    Les Paul Junior Silver Mist

    I purchased one today. Looking forward to getting it in a few days and then closely examine and play it. I will share my impressions here.
  7. lawrev

    Creamtone Issues

    I have been doing business with Mojoaxe the past couple years and have nothing but great things to say about Dan and his operation. Before that I used Creamtone, and never had any problems with him and his product.
  8. lawrev

    I was told that i shouldn't even take my guitar out to play live.

    Guitars are meant to be played, at least in my opinion. So play away, and be aware of your gear security surroundings.
  9. lawrev

    NGD: I modded my 2022 Les Paul Custom, feels like new guitar

    How does it now play and sound?
  10. lawrev

    What guage strings on your Les Paul?

    Mangan monel 9-42. Monel strings came standard on the Les Paul models in the 50s.
  11. lawrev

    NGD R9 Dirty Lemon VOS to Historic Makeovers

    A very beautiful guitar in either iteration!
  12. lawrev

    Changing P90 to Hum - will it fit

    The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop makes humbuckers under P90 covers - dogear and soapbar. I have been very pleased with them in both iterations. In fact, I have a Custom Shop SG Special that has an Antiquity in the bridge position and in a few days I will have an Antiquity in the neck position...
  13. lawrev

    Acrylic Painted Les Paul - Recommended Sealant?

    That won't be happening, for sentimental reasons. Guitar sounds great as is!
  14. lawrev

    Acrylic Painted Les Paul - Recommended Sealant?

    I'm going to check this out. Thanks!
  15. lawrev

    Acrylic Painted Les Paul - Recommended Sealant?

    Thanks for the advice! I'm going to think about how I want to proceed. And that guitar strap is very cool!
  16. lawrev

    Acrylic Painted Les Paul - Recommended Sealant?

    Thanks! Those colors are still vibrant. :)
  17. lawrev

    Acrylic Painted Les Paul - Recommended Sealant?

    Thanks! I am moving very slowly on this - the guitar has been like this for almost ten years. I'm following up with the artist to see if the paint was water or oil - based.
  18. lawrev

    Acrylic Painted Les Paul - Recommended Sealant?

    Thanks for the feedback so far! Here's one photo. I was having trouble uploading other photos because the files were too big, but now that this one uploaded, I know I will take more. The finish has started to check as you may see. Almost 10 years of checking - nothing Murphy Labbed on this one...

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