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  1. sd396

    Book matching tricks/techniques

    I have done this before at work and it does work well. Only difference is I would run one piece face up and one face down incase the blade is not perfectly perpendicular to the table. Helps eliminate any chance of error. When I glued up my 2 piece bodies I actually used an edge sander and sanded...
  2. sd396

    My (first) Build Journal

    If it was me I would use medium CA glue to fill and sand to level. Make sure the glue dries clear. After you spray your sealer, color and clear coats the chips will be virtually invisible. Any filler or patches will always show a glue line. Of course however you deal with it you won't notice it...
  3. sd396

    Which top do you like better?

    1 is beautiful but I would pick 2. I like a more irregular/wavy flame.
  4. sd396

    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

    I'm in Kelowna too and Reimer is one of our suppliers at work. That's where I got the African. I have checked and they don't have a source for Honduran.
  5. sd396

    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

    I'm in the southern interior of B.C..I do see it available on line and from suppliers in the lower mainland but I don't like the price either. I also would like to be able to see it in person before buying it. I'm pretty happy with how the African Mahogany worked out, very bright and a bit on...
  6. sd396

    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

    Great work. Love to see your builds. They have definitely been an inspiration for me when building mine. Which Mahogany did you use for the neck and body. I can't find any Honduran local to me so had to use Kaya instead.
  7. sd396

    Help with colors and finishing

    From working with wood for 35 years I know walnut does indeed fade over time. I have seen examples of walnut that have been in direct sunlight where it has turned almost blonde. Which leads me to think that if you took the time to fade the body in the sun you might be able to get the desired...
  8. sd396

    My first ever full build lads! Let's do it!

    I didn't find it splintery at all. Even routing the inlay pockets didn't cause any splinters. It's a beautiful wood, very hard and polishes up to a mirror shine. I think I sanded these to 1500 grit, just because. Only sealer used was linseed oil after the fret level and polish.
  9. sd396

    My first ever full build lads! Let's do it!

    Nice work. I think you will really like the Wenge fretboard. I was a little unsure about mine at first but in the end I couldn't have been happier.
  10. sd396

    New Tool Day!

    The Sawstop blade in the picture I posted was checked for run out and damage and put back into use. There was no damage to it whatsoever.
  11. sd396

    New Tool Day!

    Congratulations. Those saws are very nice, we have one at work. It's been tested a couple of times in the past 5 yrs. Not by me thankfully .
  12. sd396

    Post Guitars You Built

    After more than two years off and on I finally finished my first two guitars.
  13. sd396

    Guitar neck rest - DIY ideas?

    I like the rocker style. Made these up when I was getting ready to do fret work on my first builds,
  14. sd396

    Some Flame for Friday!

    My own creation.
  15. sd396

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Finally after over 2 years off and on, I'm completing my first two scratch builds. Very happy with the way they turned out. They play and sound great. Many thanks to all who shared their knowledge here on this site. I'll post better pictures soon.
  16. sd396

    Dual action truss rod rattle

    Being one who hates following threads that are unresolved I thought I would post an update. I know that pulling the fret board would have been the proper fix but having done that once already (twice actually) I felt that the fret boards wouldn't survive coming off again and would use that as my...
  17. sd396

    Dual action truss rod rattle

    Yes, that is the truss rods I used. I have already had the fret boards off once due to bad clamping and barely managed to save them. before I installed the rods I did try wrapping them with Teflon tape but I did not like how it impeded movement so I took it off. My mistake. It sounds to me that...
  18. sd396

    Dual action truss rod rattle

    So I have been building my first 2 LPs over the last year and I'm at the point where my necks are almost complete and ready to glue in. The only thing left to do there is install the frets. My concern before moving forward is if I should do something now about the truss rod rattle. I used the...
  19. sd396

    Choice of Table Saw

    Highly recommend a saw stop if you can swing it. We have one at work and have had a couple of employees test it out. They work. Quite a well made saw with a decent fence.
  20. sd396

    New Magnum Build. Not Pointy :-)

    Nice job. Turned out awesome.

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