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  1. Slash

    My Vintage Sunburst Plus Top. Woooooot!

    I simply love your sunburst! ;D
  2. Slash

    Cool LesPaul wallpaper

    That's just a sign of how hot Les Pauls are! ;D
  3. Slash

    Is This A Fake?

    doesn't look like a fake...
  4. Slash

    A Formal Introduction... My New LP!

    Very nice guitar, dude! Congratz! ;D
  5. Slash

    Some pics of me and my Epi :)

    I love your vintage sunburst! Same as my guitar!
  6. Slash

    what is this?

    Never seen that guitar before...
  7. Slash

    Got me an LP

    beautiful guitar, dude! gratz! ;D
  8. Slash

    Epiphone goldtop for $175

    dude something tells me that goldtop is a fake! :wtf:
  9. Slash

    I need help on confirming a model of epiphone les paul!!!Please :)

    No problem, dude! :slash: Tell me when you finde out what guitar it is :thumb:
  10. Slash

    I need help on confirming a model of epiphone les paul!!!Please :)

    i'm not sure about what guitar it is...but if you could get the serial number in some way you should try to enter it on this site: The Guitar Dater Project - Epiphone Serial Number Decoder Should give you some information :)
  11. Slash

    I need help on confirming a model of epiphone les paul!!!Please :)

    do you have the serial number of the guitar?
  12. Slash

    UK - vintage sunburst epi LP std plus tops?

    Weldaar, my be honest I think you should post a new thread for that question. The guy who posted this thread (about stores in the UK) needs other information than the difference between an eltist and a regular les paul. ;D
  13. Slash

    UK - vintage sunburst epi LP std plus tops?

    Hey dude, this is slash talking :slash: This is probaly not gonna help you as i live in Denmark and have no idea about the stores in the UK...I'm just gonna say that i love your choice of a les paul std vintage sunburst plus top...awesome guitar you're gonna love! I have one! :slash: Good...
  14. Slash

    Just bought this...

    Gratz, Bandet79! Lovely guitar! I have the same, but mine is a plus top...but yours looks awesome too!
  15. Slash

    My New Epiphone LP Babyy!

    awesome guitar, dude! I have the same - but mine is a vintage sunburst :D
  16. Slash

    Just bought this...

    Gratz, Bandit! Pics as soon as possible, please! :D
  17. Slash

    My New Zakk Wylde

    That's a great lookin' guitar, dude! Gratz! :slash::thumb:
  18. Slash

    My Vintage Sunburst!

    Hey...this is Slash talking :slash: I think it's the right time to post some pics of my guitar. So here you go, take a look at my epiphone les paul standard plus top vintage sunburst! Rock on! :slash: Click on the image to watch them larger and please leave a comment!!!
  19. Slash

    Epi Les Paul Colors

    Hey dude, this is Slash talking :slash: I would go with the vintage sunburst. I've got one my own :thumb: Anyways, the picture of the vintage sunburst you've shown isn't correct. The color is much more yellow. Like the Slash signature :slash: Here, take a look...
  20. Slash

    Carlos Santana - Europa....sound?

    Hey, this is Slash talking :slash: I hope ya'll know Europa by Santana, cause I need some help. I'm the owner of an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Vintage Sunburst and a Roland Microcube amp. I want to know how I can get the closest sound to the one Santana uses in the song without using...

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