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  1. mikey see


    I'll go ahead and call BS on this one.
  2. mikey see

    I Have $1600, whats your offer?

    2001 Gibson Deluxe, located in Virginia.
  3. mikey see

    Post your Gretsch thread

    '64 6120 Not the best pic but it's the only one I could find. Edit: is this picture huge? I can take it down if it's too big.
  4. mikey see

    Insuring my 72 Standard and need the value

    For what it's worth, I've got a 69 SG that has a "Custom" trc that is original to the guitar. It looks different from yours, but the idea is the same. I've seen a print ad with the same cover as mine. Sorry for the horrible pic, it's the only one I seem to have uploaded. Your guitar is...
  5. mikey see

    Show Your Strats!

    My Fenders. I've also got an '05 American Standard, but I need to sell it.
  6. mikey see

    Hey listen to this new music style (FOR OLDIES)

    Kramer fits to Skrillex - YouTube edit: can't figure out how to embed it...
  7. mikey see

    Nocaster Reissue Little Tweed Case...Value?

    Ebay has only three completed listings for them and all three sold. $200, $225, and $250, all used. They are very nice! I'm with the rabbit, I'd keep it.
  8. mikey see

    Nocaster Reissue Little Tweed Case...Value?

    Yeah, I don't understand the "little" part of this equation. Regular tweed Fender cases go for around $125 used. I shopped around about a month ago so that is a fairly current price. That's including shipping, mind you.
  9. mikey see

    Only another New Tele Day for Me!

    Very nice. I've been looking for one of those for awhile myself, I just love the double binding with the burst. Great choice!
  10. mikey see

    NGD JV Strat, the one I've been looking for

    Thanks guys! Here she is with a few friends. The LPs just haven't been getting much love lately.
  11. mikey see

    NGD JV Strat, the one I've been looking for

    Thanks everybody! I am loving this one, which is a real relief. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't like the feel of it. They're the stock pups, but past that I can't really tell you other than to agree with slapshot. I would love one that was made on my exact birthday, but...
  12. mikey see

    NGD JV Strat, the one I've been looking for

    You ever find a guitar that takes care of a bunch of wants you've had for a long time, all in one package? Here is mine! What I wanted, what she delivered Fender JV made during my birth year, 1983 (yep, I'm a young'n) favorite color combo, Sonic Blue with rosewood board nitro finish...
  13. mikey see

    Show us your WHITE GUITARS !

    This used to be silver sparkle but the previous owner got tired of it. Can't say I blame him.
  14. mikey see

    FA 1982 Les Paul Standard

    That looks great, I wish it were an 83 (my birth year). I'll have my eye on this one for sure. FYI, a bunch of your pictures aren't showing up. You might want to check your Flickr.
  15. mikey see

    Fender American Standard - Lake Placid Blue

    That definitely isn't sonic.
  16. mikey see

    What can you tell me about the ES-150DC

    Cool, thank you for the info. I think I've decided to pass on it since what I really want is a 335. I've already got a hollowbody, I guess I don't need another one. Thanks!
  17. mikey see

    What can you tell me about the ES-150DC

    Specifically the 60's variety. I ran a search but didn't turn up anything here on MLP, and even the almighty Google doesn't have a ton of info. It seems these are somewhat rare, but also possibly not very popular. Why? Has anyone here owned or played one? What can you tell me about it...
  18. mikey see

    Please Show Me Your P90 Equipped Guitars

    The first two pictures suck, but you get the idea. I'm pro-P90 :)
  19. mikey see

    WTB white SG Custom triple-pup pickguard

    Nice, I hadn't seen that place before. They do have the guards, but man, those suckers are expensive! Is that how much I should expect to pay? If so I think I'll stick with the black. Thanks though, that is the first time I've seen them for sale anywhere.
  20. mikey see

    WTB white SG Custom triple-pup pickguard

    The title pretty much says it all, I'm looking for a white pickguard for my SG Custom. I also need the small piece of plastic at the neck that says "Les Paul Custom". Basically, all the white plastic in this pic... go on this. I don't know what to offer for something like...

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