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  1. Hecubus

    Slash LP - Appetite Amber - Pickup Covers?

    Measure the distance from the E to e poles in mm and check out Philadelphia Luthier Supplies for the right size.
  2. Hecubus

    Alternate to Seth Lover?

    Intersting. I find the Antiquities to have more of a "Spongy" tone and attributed it to the weaker magnet. I swapped a UOA5 in the bridge and an A4 in the neck and the Ants became some of my favorite pickups in my SG. If you generally like the Seth but want a sharper attack, try an A5 or an A4...
  3. Hecubus

    Marshall Reissues Classic Pedals!

    Great idea and awesome pedals, but they are priced about $100 too high IMO. Not sure who is buying these over an original at that price.
  4. Hecubus

    New Geetar Day - 50’s Standard Bourbon Burst

    :dude: Very nice. Happy New Guitar Day!
  5. Hecubus

    60s Burstbuckers or Slash APH-2????

    Keep the Duncans if you like them. Replace them if you want a brighter, thinner sound. The 61 burstbuckers have less midrange than the Duncans. They cut a bit more with an A5 magnet where the Slash pickups are a bit smoother or softer in the attack.
  6. Hecubus

    On the road with my SG

    Pics of the SG in different locations!
  7. Hecubus

    Suhr Aldrich vs JB?

    Suhr Alrdrich is most similar to the Duncan SH-5 Custom.
  8. Hecubus

    First new LP in 4 years - 2023 60's Standard Bourbon Burst

    Wow. That is a great score. Enjoy it!
  9. Hecubus

    Standard 50s or 60s... what to do?

    Get the 60s if you think it is "much more comfortable". You can always swap pickups if you think it is too close to your other guitars.
  10. Hecubus

    Changing P90 to Hum - will it fit

    If you are set on the El Rayo, I bet Lollar will wind you a mini version and you can use something like this:
  11. Hecubus

    Changing P90 to Hum - will it fit

    Wolfetone will put any of his humbuckers in a dogear P90 housing. That would look cool on your guitar. You would have to modify the pickguard though.
  12. Hecubus

    Looking for a non-boomy LP bridge pickup

    Based on what you have tried as an indicator of your preferences, Duncan Distortion SH-6 should be next on your list. The thick ceramic magnet combined with the wind provides an articulate and cutting low range.
  13. Hecubus

    Dye on Swamp Ash

    Clear Nitro rattlecans. I don't have a sprayer, so I was planning on rubbing the dye on.
  14. Hecubus

    Dye on Swamp Ash

    I have a swamp ash body that I am going to stain with water based dyes (transtint) to get something like the pic below. My plan is to stain dark brown to color the grain, sand back, and dye with the lighter amber color. I plan to grain fill with clear Aqua Coat. My questions are: 1. Should I do...
  15. Hecubus

    Anyone using the new Duncan pickups?

    I played the High Voltage in an SG (not mine). I was impressed. I typically do not like A2 in SG pickups, but these do the Angus thing really well.
  16. Hecubus

    Gibson goes after Jericho

    Yep. I had never heard of Jericho before yesterday. This whole things sounds like it was made up by a 12 year old for attention. More importantly, WTF is a "gymnastics game"?:rofl:
  17. Hecubus

    NGD After A Pretty Long Wait...

    Wow! The perfect addition to your collection.
  18. Hecubus


    Awesome! I love P90s. HNGD!!
  19. Hecubus

    NAD 1984 Marshall JCM800 4010

    Great amp. Nice score!
  20. Hecubus

    Best clear Neck pickup recommendation - need your help please

    Try an A3 magnet. You will lose output, but gain clarity.

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