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  1. Morphine

    Historics 1959 finder.

    Ho Ho Ho !! Nice R9 you got there hum ?? Well, as I told you, there's one available at Canada, you just have to say YES ... And nice to "see" some folks here again ... I'm a little away from forums but hopefully I'll be getting some spare time next year. Merry X-Mas for all you guys. Cheers...
  2. Morphine

    Gary Moore owners?

    I have one of the first series, the regular LP (not BFG) and really love it !! Sounds very very nice, even face to face to some of my R9s ! What more can I say ... awesome guitar ! Cheers ... Morphz
  3. Morphine

    Slash goldtop - where to find?

    Different neck profile, weight relieved body (not chambered like new Stds), tonelocks bridge, pickups. And as I always say, limited edition, signature model should have some better materials and better craftsmanship. Its a nice guitar ... and if you think that when they came out the price was...
  4. Morphine

    In another thread a post got me thinking...

    That thread is the funniest I've ever seen (even funnier than the add weight thread). Its like this ... "Ohhh ... I bought a Gibson ... its a VM, the cheapest I can find ... but who needs a better anyway ?" And we all say ... SO WHAT ?? You just bought a Gibson in the same price tag as a...
  5. Morphine

    Show us your flat sawn tops

    With some "straight lines" ! Is thats a Rift Sawn ?
  6. Morphine

    Show us your flat sawn tops

    Thanks a lot for the info Dan'o !!! Very interesting ...
  7. Morphine

    R7 Brazilian Stinger "one of a kind"

    As far as I can tell, not one piece ... you can see right in the middle the cut (but very well made, almost match the grain) between the two pieces.
  8. Morphine

    Show us your flat sawn tops

    That counts ? (I really dont know whats a "Flat Sawn Top")
  9. Morphine

    Should I put a Super Distortion in my Les Paul Custom?

    My Ace CS came with these Super Distortion (duhh) and I really don't like it at all !! I think thats the reason I barely play that guitar !!
  10. Morphine

    Flame Top vs. Plain Top

    How about some quilt ??
  11. Morphine

    Question about Les Paul Custom color

    One LP Custom 68 RI that I had in the past (maybe 3 years ago)
  12. Morphine

    why are guitars called 'she'?

    IN portuguese car is masculine too, O CARRO !! Also, a very strange thing ... Acoustic guitar in portuguese is masculino (O VIOLÃO) but electric guitar is feminine (A GUITARRA). I think Spanish and Italian are the same because of they're all came from "latim" All the Best, Morphz
  13. Morphine

    Post pics of your live rig

    Simply another beast ... another pedal, even when in front of a spittin-fire beast like Road King ! I use this pedal ON all the time. No noise, very sensitive EQ that WORKS, more gain, more organic, more transparent ! Really, another pedal and I need to say more MODERN and HI-FI. The Analogman...
  14. Morphine

    Post pics of your live rig

    Actually not a pic, but that'll do the trick !! For small shows w/ my metal band (actually I'm more a southern rock player but ...) YouTube - My Pedalboard LiveRig Main board: FullTone Clyde Deluxe Wah TC Electronics Vintage Pre Drive TS-808 Keeley Mod (w/ TBP) MXR EVH Phase 90 (Script mode...
  15. Morphine

    WOW, A See-Thru Les Paul!

    I think he meant to say LUTHITE indeed ... Ibanez used that some times, its like a white textured compound ! My JS 10th Anniversary a.k.a Chrome Boy is made from this material (thats the only material they could chrome), very light and ressonant, but don't knock it against anything ... it breaks...
  16. Morphine

    New Slash Model is official *sigh

    Thats a very wrong statement because CNC has NOTHING to do with quality materials ! What matters if it has a precision holes or every guitars is drilled in the same place ? If materials doesnt matter, a korean cheap guitar will be the same as a Gibson, because the CNC do ALL THE WORK mostly...
  17. Morphine

    R7 Brazilian Stinger "one of a kind"

    Dickey Betts all the way ...
  18. Morphine

    The new eR9

    Even the Tribute one ?

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