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    WTB LP Goldtop

    I have this one - but in the UK. One of the first ltd ed chambered series. Listed as the only dark back GT in the UK. I LOVE this guitar - but for a good offer......:cool:
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    The SG I shouldn't have lost!

    No, that was the thing - the cavity was purely under the scratch plate. Just needed the wires taking through from the original cavity. I guess they wanted to move the knobs, but change as little else as possible. Btw, pretty sure the coloured pic of the guitar is a photoshop recreation - the...
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    The SG I shouldn't have lost!

    So, in around 1975, after a couple of years without a guitar, I was looking for a cheap Gibson. And I found one in a little music store in Huddersfield (UK) - a very cute cherry SG Junior - a '61 from the transitional period when they still had the "Les Paul Model" script on the headstock. I...
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    Crossroads Festival conundrum

    So here's the thing. It's always been a "bucketlist" thing for me to attend the Crossroads Guitar Festival. Now this is not that easy - the round trip is over 9000 miles, and the cost of travelling and the HUGE ticket prices means I have to get this just right. The great thing is that there...
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    That Time You Found Out a Great Song Was a Remake

    The upbeat remake by Elvis Costello: The soulful original by Sam and Dave:
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    Bonamassa Megalomania?

    I love Bonamassa. Saw him live when he last came to the UK. Brilliant! Listened to the "British Blues" thing. Gotta say I was disappointed. Every track is his rendition of an original, running into a 10 minute "play by numbers" live "leaning back whilst playing guitar" thing. If you were...
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    Build Your Own Les Paul

    Funnily enough, I grew up in the UK completely ignorant of the existence of Les Pauls. At 11 years old, at the start of the 60's, I started at a school which meant I walked past a large Music Store. The windows always had numerous Gibsons in it, and obviously (as LPs had been dropped from the...
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    NGD TH8 M2M

    Certainly an unusual colour and finish. And for lovers of extreme "correct" top carves, this looks pretty flat. The lack of reflected light, I guess. Congrats on the buy :applause:
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    The official Wraptail appreciation Thread

    The little "P90 Appreciation" pic in our sigs has disappeared....
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    what does everyone think?

    And here's one of my music library pages. Xenforo is really good at this stuff.....
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    what does everyone think?

    The great thing about Xenforo is it is very skinable, so you can have any look you like. Here's a music site that I run - a different Xenforo look:
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    The official Wraptail appreciation Thread

    Now THAT is a beauty!
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    Why LED zeppelin is so well known?

    You are dead right - the difference is that those old blues guys rarely passed off whole songs as theirs and then claimed songwriting royalties. Zepp (who, BTW, are one of my favourite bands from the early 70's) did so quite blatantly. I guess when you are the biggest band in the world, and...
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    Why LED zeppelin is so well known?

    Actually, they were not the only ones. Remember, The Last Time" by the Stones? Touted, at the time (1965) as the first Jagger/Richards composition recorded by the band. Really? Well here's the Staple Singers' version of what, in fact, is a traditional song. From 1958...
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    Why LED zeppelin is so well known?

    Yup. Loads of stuff on YT. Here's one:
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    RIP J. Geils

    So sad. RIP Mr Geils.
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    Why LED zeppelin is so well known?

    Pretty sure the OP is there as a joke. Just to get us all to reply. Damn, I just replied!!!:shock:
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    P90 Owners club!

    Click the bar for a MUCH bigger pic.....
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    Ever noticed how many pro players don't use a Les Paul?

    Here's my dimesworth.... Between a Strat and a Les Paul, the difference is both style and ergonomics. When Gibson first made electric models, they simply took their regular archtop models, and shoved pickups on them. In 1950, when Leo Fender and his pals designed the first electric...

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