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  1. buckwild

    Show Your Les Paul Conversions

    I love both of mine. 53-57 by Mirabella…all original finish. 52-59 by Jim at JamCity!
  2. buckwild

    ‘52 Conversion Valuation

  3. buckwild

    ‘52 Conversion Valuation

    The prices have really shot up, especially if it has a solid set of PAF's. I'd say you're looking in the 25-30K range. Lots of diff variables and of course some pics might help! I think the single most important factor regarding a conversion is who did the actual conversion work. If you're...
  4. buckwild

    The Doug and Pat show

    I also have a mid eighties Tokai and the pickups are SO good! Shockingly good.
  5. buckwild

    Educate me on the Scott Sheldon/MAX replica guitars

    thats not really what I'm asking...I'm looking more for people that own them or recent experiences. Scott is a salesman on FB, that's been my exp.
  6. buckwild

    FS: Rewind Creme Brulee Vintage Wire Coils Humbucker set with aged covers

    Recently got a set of real PAFs so putting these up for grabs. Fine to keep them if they don't sell at my price. Rewind Creme Brulee Vintage Wire Coils with aged covers. $1850 Shipped and Paypal'd Neck: A2 DCR: 8.48K Bridge: A2 DCR: 8.70K
  7. buckwild

    Educate me on the Scott Sheldon/MAX replica guitars

    I keep seeing these guitars posted on Scott’s Facebook Page. I can’t really understand MAX’s involvement or if Scott is just using his name. It’s super confusing. Some of them actually look really good but I was wondering if anybody here could shed some more light or experiences. at one time I...
  8. buckwild

    Trogly reviews Greeny

    This is so dumb on so many levels.
  9. buckwild

    Collectors Choice 2 GOLDIE!!!!

    I chased this one for about 8 years...finally got it in 2020. Goldie #6
  10. buckwild

    SOLD: Tokai ES210 VNT (Blonde ES335)

    WOW KILLER! I used to have one like this.
  11. buckwild

    Banker Korina Excalibur/Explorer with Brazilian Fretboard

    $5k shipped price now through Sunday. Let’s go!

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