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  1. rifflearner

    NGD Custom content

    No pickguard plus no poker chip = :dude: Pickguard plus poker chip = :dude: No pickguard plus poker chip = :mad:
  2. rifflearner

    A new Strap for Meatball

    I’ve paid close to that for a padded leather strap from Franklin. Don’t worry about the price. Seems reasonable. Enjoy it!
  3. rifflearner

    SOLD - Grover Tuners (Nickel) from 2020 Epiphone 60s Standard

    I wanted locking tuners on my 2020 Epiphone 1960s Standard. So I took these Grovers off the brand new guitar the day I got it. Includes screws (not pictured) *SOLD*
  4. rifflearner

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    It seems to me that this is only the beginning. The great purge is on! Banning and burning books is all the rage. It used to be the fringe that called for bans. Now it is the mainstream, it is encouraged, and even perceived as a good thing. And it will get worse. Way worse...
  5. rifflearner

    Wood grain (sincere!) opinions pls

    I love the grain. It’s a reminder that these are hand made instruments using natural materials. I prefer this to a finish that is so uniform that it looks mass produced.
  6. rifflearner

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard Owners Club

    Maybe it’s just me, but I like my Les Pauls to be heavy. It’s one of the distinguishing features of an LP, and I like it. If I want a light guitar, I’ll grab a Tele. But when I play my LP, I want to play an LP, not a lighter guitar that just happens to look like an LP. Granted, I don’t play on...
  7. rifflearner

    Buckers vs mini-buckers vs P90s

    I can distinguish the clean tones. But didn’t anyone else think that when Rick edited together the distortion clips at the end that it was a seamless change with virtually no difference between the pickups?
  8. rifflearner

    Dave mustaine goes Gibson?

    Was this move part of the Gibson/Dean lawsuit settlement?
  9. rifflearner

    Ok, I need examples of the most comfortable guitar straps known to man...

    Another vote for Franklin. Their padded glove leather strap is on all my LPs.
  10. rifflearner

    My first Epiphone.

  11. rifflearner

    White Stripes Live 2021

    I've never noticed how close to the bridge he is playing. Great tone!
  12. rifflearner

    White Stripes Live 2021

    Just saw this on YouTube yesterday. Just wow.
  13. rifflearner

    Motivation video - Comfortably Numb (PULSE) after my first 6 months of self teaching the guitar

    Damn, I’ve been playing a year and am just starting to feel confident with my F chord and am struggling with hitting only two strings in a blues shuffle.
  14. rifflearner

    The mystery pot, cast iron with almost no markings.

    I was about to post the same thing. I have a ton of 120-year old cast iron that I love cooking with. But simmering sauces in cast iron is a solid no.
  15. rifflearner

    Winter in Texas

    Texas has had grid problems in the summers, too. With so many people moving here I expect the next summer will see more rolling blackouts. I’ve been researching propane and diesel generators for my backyard, but they are so loud I can’t imagine using it all night while my neighbors attempt to...
  16. rifflearner

    1966 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb - Pristine Condition

    Wow. Incredible condition. GLWS!
  17. rifflearner

    Truvk shopping again - need opinions from recent Ram/Ford owners

    I'd wait for the Tesla CyberTruck
  18. rifflearner

    Winter in Texas

    Wholesale energy prices spiking off the chart. $11,950 per megawatt!!
  19. rifflearner

    opinions needed

    Scarf joint. Sometimes maligned but honestly they provide much more strength to the headstock. I know it’s not traditional, but I personally wouldn’t mind seeing these on Gibson LPs.
  20. rifflearner

    Epiphone Les Paul for 8 yr old

    How good of a player is he? The Epiphone LP Special II is not a great guitar. I learned to play on one, but it wasn’t great. The guitar will definitely need a set up to have reasonable playing action and tuning stability The pickups are super muddy and the tone control knob really is a defacto...

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