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  1. paulygates

    New band demo

    Morning All. My band The Silver Horses has finally got a new demo recorded after recruiting a new bassist and singer. Check it out: Welcome - The Silver Horses Mostly recorded live in the band room. Vocals added later. I would have liked to have done a few guitar overdubs but everyone...
  2. paulygates

    Old "Phart" newbie..........

    Welcome Jerry.:wave:
  3. paulygates Acquired by Major Guitar Company [UPDATE]

    Oh no! Is that against the rules?
  4. paulygates Acquired by Major Guitar Company [UPDATE]

    uk les paul dot com an independent forum.
  5. paulygates Acquired by Major Guitar Company [UPDATE]

    I think somebody already started one.:naughty:
  6. paulygates

    Show us your 90's made Korean Les Pauls!!!!!!

    Nice Birdseye, Slashpo. I've got one. Great guitar! I'd post a pic but I can't be arsed to find one. It looks like yours anyway, with amber knobs and pickguard. She's topwrapped and has burstbuckers and RS vintage kit.
  7. paulygates

    Autotune is not the devil!

    I have almost no experience with Autotune but I will tell the story anyway. About a year ago we recorded our first gig with the aim of producing a demo. My good friend, Kev, recorded it using Logic and we later took the raw recording and overdubbed a few guitar parts which were a bit sloppy...
  8. paulygates

    My son's first guitar...

    Nice present! We gave my neice a pink 3/4 size acoustic for Christmas. She was made up. I really hope she takes to it.:fingersx:
  9. paulygates

    the need to reinvent myself

    I have always been a LP man myself but have been hankering after a Tele for a while. I never found a strat that I got on with. A chap at work asked me if I wanted to buy a BC Rich Warlock for £70 and I said its really not my bag but if you have a tele.... He brought in a Squier Affinity...
  10. paulygates

    **URGENT** Need a bassist

    We have found an excellent bassist to stand in for our gig on 5th December. He already knew most of the songs and we have intensified our practice routine. I don't know what will happen after that. Our regular bassist is going to be out of action for a while. It turns out that what we...
  11. paulygates

    Tune down E string to D other strings are sharp

    I can't say I've noticed. It stands to reason that the tension will send the others a little sharp. Is it noticable to the ear or just with a tuner?
  12. paulygates

    Strings on my les paul

    I hope shalustik's response was of some help to you. If not, I would suggest taking your guitar to a different tech.
  13. paulygates

    Holy Grail Fans?

    A Shrubbery! Love it - cracks me up. I always find new jokes every time I watch it.
  14. paulygates

    Strat harder to play?

    I have never owned a Strat or a Tele so my experience is limited. However, I have played a few of each in my time and I have never been able to get on with a strat. Mind you, I never met a tele I didn't like. I have always found them easy to play. Comfortable like an old shoe.
  15. paulygates

    **URGENT** Need a bassist

    Not yet. They think its a torn ligament. The guy can't walk at the moment. We had to cancel a gig recently as he is signed off work and if he got caught playing a gig (even sat down) it would jeapardise his job. Under the circumstances he did the right thing stepping down.
  16. paulygates

    Why does everyone hate the Robot LP?

    A good friend of mine has one and it is a great sounding and playing guitar. I personally don't need the robot aspect of it but I would love a guitar that played and sounded like that.
  17. paulygates

    **URGENT** Need a bassist

    Okay. We may have found our man. He is coming along to band practice tomorrow. He talks the talk, but can he walk the walk? If he can't cut the mustard I will bump this thread on Friday morning.
  18. paulygates

    I just turned 18

    Happy Birthday, Zosh. You're all grown up now.
  19. paulygates

    String help.

    Are you sure you have the decimal point in the right place, Phil? Those strings would be quite a heavy gauge. 0.02 is twice the thickness of 0.010 and 0.12 is nearly three times the thickness of 0.046. If JV can bend those I will take my hat off to him....and eat it.:laugh2:
  20. paulygates

    Happy Birthday Cookie-Boy

    Happy Birthday, Cookie.

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