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  1. joshhohensee

    New Updated Pics LPC Restoration

    Does it smell like cotton candy?
  2. joshhohensee

    Lets play a little guessing game!

    Rumble seat?
  3. joshhohensee

    1950's P-90 Soapbar Cover Shape

    Lol, tell them what you had to do to get your new covers to crack like the old ones.
  4. joshhohensee

    1959 TV JR video OMG, words cannot describe. This guitar is teh win.
  5. joshhohensee

    Framptons '54 Custom found

    Oh noes. We've crested the hill and are ready to head back down the mountain. I have a feeling this thread is going to get Waldsteined here real quick.
  6. joshhohensee

    Most butchered Vintage Gibson- show me

    The top one is the one I was waiting for. It makes me laugh. The second one just makes me sad. What a waste. And are you guys sure it's a 52? I didn't think they routed all the way through the control cavities. I thought they started that in the 60's. I also thought the "route" for the switch...
  7. joshhohensee

    What in the world is this thing?

    The bound/wheatsack headstock reminded me of another GOTM, but the pointed cutaway really threw me. I thought it might be a 1951 prototype reissue or something. Very cool!
  8. joshhohensee

    FS: 1980 D'Agostino LP

    Thin. Thinner that I like anyways. I'd say, 60's slim taper, and one of the thinner ones that I've played at that.
  9. joshhohensee

    What in the world is this thing?

    I was watching Always The Love Songs by the Eli Young Band, and saw this git here @ 2:37 Eli Young Band - Always The Love Songs - YouTube You have a wheat sack and binding on the headstock, split trapezoid inlays, pointy cutaway, humbuckers, something on the pickguard and a bigsby on a...
  10. joshhohensee

    Vintage Goldi - Help needed

    That's because there's not one. It's a one hole TRC.
  11. joshhohensee

    Framptons '54 Custom found

    Why would he have to pay income taxes on something he's owned since 1970?
  12. joshhohensee

    Show us your mij lpc's!!!

    Nah, it's legit. I've seen another just like it, but only one. It's early early. It don't even have Seymour Duncan stamped on the baseplate. That's what made it so hard to track down what year it is, or even what it was in the first place. The bobbins that I showed were for my neck pickup. The...
  13. joshhohensee

    Framptons '54 Custom found

    I feel honored that I could actually contribute to such an epic thread. I'm happy for everyone involved that we can still be friends. Also, as a side note, living in Nashville is awesome! You shoulda seen my face when I heard the news. I was like "Holy shit, there are probably less than 50...
  14. joshhohensee

    FS: 1980 D'Agostino LP

    New knobs! Also, new Push-pull in the neck volume position that bypasses all volume/tone controls when pulled. Really wide open sound.
  15. joshhohensee

    Show us your mij lpc's!!!

    Yes, yes, and yes. The t-top I got with a buggered up baseplate, so it's got a random one that I had on the bench. The original is around here... somewhere. Never bothered to date it. I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything at all on the base plate. I'm pretty sure that it's not a dirty fingers...
  16. joshhohensee

    Show us your mij lpc's!!!

    1980 D'Agostino no name POS. The only reason it's still around... Neck PU Bridge Anybody know what them be?
  17. joshhohensee

    Some people take care of their stuff

    That was exactly my first thought. I like it! Would be a shame to hide that under a goldtop...
  18. joshhohensee

    Black plastic on my classic plus

    Ick. IMO cherry or red and black don't look good together. Too 70's custom clownburstyness. Is that even a word? However, pretty much any other color looks decent to good, especially with the 5 ply custom pickguard. IMO it's a must for pulling off the look. Black reflectors help too, and they're...

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