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  1. K Dub

    NGD 2022 R9

    Nice flame top and great view from your deck. Did you end up keeping your 60's Standard?
  2. K Dub

    What else could Gibson improve on?

    ^^^This. Without plasticizers, so you get authentic finish checking.
  3. K Dub

    Historic Makeovers question:

    I just went through the Historic Makeover process. I am pleased with the vintage top carve and authentic weather checking. A noticeable improvement over the original VOS finish. Mine also has "Broken In" aging. Expect to be in the queue for approximately 6 months.
  4. K Dub

    Marshall BluesBreaker Reissue Review

    Thanks @Les Paulverizer for the review. Very interesting. Do you mind sharing which Marshall amp model(s) you have plugged the Blues Breaker pedal into? I'm thinking of getting on the wait list for one. I would be plugging into an SV20C.
  5. K Dub

    Marshall BluesBreaker Reissue Review

    @Les Paulverizer What amp are you playing it through? Is this pedal intended to make any amp sound like a Marshall, or make a Marshall sound like a Bluesbreaker?
  6. K Dub

    Let's see your beautiful finish checking

    I'll add to this thread. This is the weather checking I got from Historic Makeovers.
  7. K Dub

    Marshall Blues Breaker Reissue, Feb 2023

    Curious what a Blues Breaker Reissue pedal through a Marshall Bluesbreaker amp would sound like :rofl:
  8. K Dub

    Let’s Talk Attenuators

    I bought my 2 foot attenuator cables from Ted Weber. GMC2E and GMC2P. They also sell 1 foot, 4 foot, and 8 foot lengths.
  9. K Dub

    Post your fretboard - FAME OR SHAME?

    Side by side comparison of my Custom Shop R9 fretboard with my Standard 60's fretboard. Nothing spectacular, but you can see the difference in the color, inlays, truss rod cover, and "Gibson" logo (gold vs. silver).
  10. K Dub

    Show Your Historic Makeover

    Well I started this thread and now I can post my own. R9 HM Dirty Lemon with Broken In aging.
  11. K Dub

    Let’s See Those Lemons!

    Previously posted on page 8 (post #155) in it's original VOS finish. Now back from Historic Makeovers in Dirty Lemon with weather checking and distressing.
  12. K Dub

    Historic Pickup Rings on Standard 50's.

    @jbash How did you get the knobs to sit above the guitar body? I replaced my reflector knobs with the vintage gold ones on my Standard 60s but mine are still flush with the guitar body. Seems the Gibson USA Standards have flush knobs but my Custom Shop R9 has a more vintage look with a space...
  13. K Dub

    NGD R9 Dirty Lemon VOS to Historic Makeovers

    @Sct13 Thanks for the photography tip. Here is a picture with natural light coming through a nearby window. The grain and weather checking shows up well.
  14. K Dub

    NGD: 60s Standard Unburst

    Did the Fret Doctor oil noticeably darken your fretboard? I can't quite tell from the pictures.
  15. K Dub

    NGD: 60s Standard Unburst

    Very nice. I also have a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 60's in Unburst as well as a Custom Shop R9 HM in Dirty Lemon. Like them both. Where did you get the M69 tall pickup rings? I would like to get a set for my own Unburst.
  16. K Dub

    NGD R9 Dirty Lemon VOS to Historic Makeovers

    @mjross Yes, yours is almost a mirror image of mine. Except for the grain pattern. I think mine would be called "quarter sawn" grain, yours "rift sawn -> flat sawn" grain. I also noticed that you top wrap your strings. Oddly, I am left handed, but play guitar right handed.
  17. K Dub

    NGD R9 Dirty Lemon VOS to Historic Makeovers

    @Sct13 I got the Standard Makeover, so no Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard or Fret Dress. I'm not sure if the luthier did any work on the frets. I am happy with my East Indian Rosewood Fingerboard and couldn't justify the extra cost. They did roll the fingerboard binding edge, which was a nice touch.
  18. K Dub

    SOLD: Gibson Les Paul Original Hardshell Case

    Cross-listed it on Reverb and sold in 15 minutes!
  19. K Dub

    NGD R9 Dirty Lemon VOS to Historic Makeovers

    Here is the "before" picture. This is what Gibson calls Dirty Lemon Fade VOS. It looks more yellow/amber. No weather checking or distressing. And here is the "after" picture. Historic Makeovers Dirty Lemon. It has a more noticeable greenish/brown hue to it.
  20. K Dub

    NGD R9 Dirty Lemon VOS to Historic Makeovers

    The guitar was finally delivered. I am quite pleased with the result. Definitely looks better in person. I can't seem to get the right lighting to photograph it accurately. The nitrocellulose lacquer does have the same vanilla scent that my other Les Paul has. Here is a picture right after the...

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