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    Good 1 meg push pull pots

    I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with any 1 meg push pull pots. I need some for a project I am working on, but the only ones I have found are bourne's, which I have heard mixed reviews on. Just curious on if anyone knows where I can find some good quality ones.
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    Can anyone recommend a humbucker sized P90 that actually SOUNDS like a P90?

    Honestly, humbucker sized p90s are one thing that all the major pickup makes cant seem to do right. The best I have played are the BG pickups Pure90. I havnt tried Rewinds try at it, but every pickup ive tried from him is awesome so I have no doubt they will be good. Any boutique maker will...
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    Value of the Seymour Duncan Skinnerburst pickups

    I agree, I guess closest I can do is post it for sell and be flexible if someone makes an offer. Ive had bad experiences with ebay so dont really want to go that route for now, but an auction would be nice.
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    Value of the Seymour Duncan Skinnerburst pickups

    I cant find any ebay listings, I only found 1 listing on reverb for $600, I didnt see it befote I posted this for some reason. Ill keep an eye on it and see if it sells for that amount.
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    Value of the Seymour Duncan Skinnerburst pickups

    Hello everyone, I have a set of Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Skinnerburst pickups that have been laying around for a while, and I figured its probably time to sell them. I have been trying to figure out how much to sell them for, and its been tough finding recent listings. I know the original...
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    Anyone going to Dallas Guitar Show (DIGF) 2019?

    That is awesome! Paul seems like a cool guy from everything Ive heard. And a very cool purchase
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    Anyone going to Dallas Guitar Show (DIGF) 2019?

    I usually go but cant make it this year. Lots of cool stuff and great people, its a great show.
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    Looking for a tighter JB

    Ill definitely look into that. If magnet swapping doesn't work that may be the direction I go. Thanks, I never thought about trying the UO A5. Any thoughts on where to get the magnets, I see mojotone has them for what seems to be a good price.
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    Looking for a tighter JB

    Im with you on disliking both of those pickups. I hated them both until I tried them in this guitar, all of the complaints I ever had on the 59 are not there, and the JB sounds great outside of being too flubby on the low end. That probably says more about the guitar than the pickups however...
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    Looking for a tighter JB

    Hello everyone, so I have a Fender Robben Ford Esprit that I bought, and I absolutely love playing it. The only thing about it is it came stock with a Duncan JB and 59 set, and I find myself wanting to tweak the JB. It sounds amazing for solos, but its way too loose for rhythm playing. After...
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    Medium output humbucker for punk rock / high gain/ palmuting

    I have never tried the Saturday Night Specials, but I have played punk just fine with a Pearly Gates and it was just fine and its probably lower output than the Specials. I will admit though, I believe the Super Distortion is the greatest pickup made for punk rock but thats just my opinion...
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    P.A.F. Pickup Secrets: Start Wire and PAF Tone

    I have nothing of use to add, but just wanted to say thanks for providing this info. Good information going through this thread.
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    PAF Replicas...

    This thread has been really interesting to keep up with, so I wanted to come out as a lurker and give my $0.02. ToneSpecific, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you have made it difficult. I have no doubt your pickups sound good, but the truth is most pickups sound good when put...
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    New Fender Mustang GT rant

    I understand what you are saying. And keep in mind I am young with a Computer Science degree. For me, there is something nice about being able to make all of your adjustments in front of you without having to get out a computer or tablet. I ended up getting rid of my Mustang since I couldnt make...
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    Maxon Greco Dry Z Pickups

    Electric City Pickups is offering clones of them now. Good price too. I think that would be a good place to start.
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    Seymour Duncan Bonamassa Skinnerburst set

    Mine shipped today. Although I am still not pleased with how Duncan handled the pre-ordering of these, I am beyond excited to try these out based on everything I have heard. Mine are covered, so I am really interested to see what color they come in.
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    Seymour Duncan Bonamassa Skinnerburst set

    Hello Arwin, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about this set. My main complaint so far is having pre-ordered the pickups yet seeing I could get them quicker if I would have just waited for a dealer to get them. I understand you have to take care of your dealers, but I am sure you...
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    Seymour Duncan Bonamassa Skinnerburst set

    I also preordered and have not received mine yet. I ordered a little bit later than some of the others on here I think so I am willing to a little bit more patient, but I am very frustrated seeing the dealers having them for sale. What is the point of pre-ordering when I can get the same set...
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    New Mustang Day

    Thanks guys! The more time I spend with this, the more I like it. I am reading the owners manual now and I also have it connected to a computer. Fuse really opens things up for this amp. I will wait until I get comfortable with everything before I decide on if I will keep it.
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    New Mustang Day

    Hey guys, well despite me posting about debating between some different high end modeling devices, I now own a Fender Mustang II V2. A friend had it and only touched it a few times, so he sold it to me for a good price. I dont really feel too much of an urge to post a picture since we have all...

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