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  1. burke

    So, What'cha listen to today?

    Sisters of.. Follow me as a Ghost.
  2. burke

    The Wagon Cometh for me..

    Thanks for the responses! I drank pretty much full on for about 20 years, so you can see why i though it would difficult. I also have two little guys at home that I need to stick around for. That's a huge motivator as well.
  3. burke

    The Wagon Cometh for me..

    By Doctors order I am to abstain from alcohol. This is most likely a good thing, at least for my liver. I though it would be tough but I sort of like it. Sleeping better, more energy, got a lot of stuff done around the house. However I have been having some Bud Zero's to slowly break the habit...
  4. burke

    Looking for a New Refrigerator and What to Look for in a New Fridge

    We did a full kitchen remodel 2 years ago now and we went with the Frigidaire Brand. The fridge we bought was a french door with the freezer at the bottom and a drawer in the middle that can be either a drink cooler or freezer space. So far so good. Not our first pick though when we were...
  5. burke

    jokes & funnies.

    OMG..In my first year of theory in college, I handed my professor the piece I wrote, he looked at it for a minute, then handed it back and told me to circle all my parallel 5ths, then rewrite the piece cause I was smarter than that. lol
  6. burke


    I am interested, reminds me of the Charvel Jake E Lee had with Ozzy. PM me the details.
  7. burke

    Classical String Search

    I did buy different strings, but before I switched I played again with a little more "gusto". It sounded like I thought it should. The Yairi has laminate back and sides, stiffer and projects with less effort. The Ramirez has solid Rosewood back & sides, SO..I am thinking that the more robust...
  8. burke

    Classical String Search

    I Have been searching for a set of strings for my Spruce top Ramirez 125 Anos. I have tried Augustine and D'Addario Pro Arte, both in Med & Light tensions (prefer the light tension feel). Both made it sound ok but a little boomy/overtoney (if those are words). The D'Addario light tension really...
  9. burke

    Sold Some Guitars, decisions have to be made!

    Yeah, the roof was done this past Friday and we have about $10k of the insurance left for the siding, and we added a front porch "refresh" which added to the cost but it was much needed. So I'm gonna wait to see how it all washes out. Maybe i'll luck out?
  10. burke

    Sold Some Guitars, decisions have to be made!

    This past week I sold 6 guitars and 3 amps. This not only gave me much needed space, but $3500. Adult me is saying save it to go towards the house, we had severe hail damage this early summer and insurance covered the roof and "some siding, but not all. So for the remainder we are paying out...
  11. burke

    I did it and it feels good!

  12. burke

    I did it and it feels good!

    I thinned the herd, 6 guitars and 3 amps gone. One buyer, but done right. So I'm thinking drums...
  13. burke

    Seasoned Skillet.Who Maintains One?

    My wife had a set in the basement and they were a bit rusted. She took the larger one and scrubbed it with a salt mixture of some sort, cured it in the oven then made bacon. Ever since its been at the ready.
  14. burke

    New leaf blower suggestions

    A rechargeable blower would not be an option for me. My street is lined with large maples and each fall I spend hours at a time out there with my blower. I have a Stihl gas powered for years now, mines was around $180. No problems at all, starts up year after year.
  15. burke

    Stuck in credit limbo...yes its a thing.

    Done, found a good secured (at this point ) card through nerd wallet. This is just weird part of adulting. You mess up then they say stay out of debt and you do, but without it, your kinda nothing...
  16. burke

    Stuck in credit limbo...yes its a thing.

    I am looking into it now.
  17. burke

    Stuck in credit limbo...yes its a thing.

    I own my home, have savings, no credit cards, no car payments. Learned my lesson from my bankruptcy 5 years ago. They even made me take a class on responsible credit use. I apparently missed the use part. I did not have a need for credit after that nightmare. So here I am wanting to get a...
  18. burke

    Started the music room redo

    Well crap. Electrician has not got back with me yet and the closet that the wife said I could use won't hold even a quarter of what would needs to go in there. 2nd option: Sell the piano rack, line up the guitars against the wall with a chair rail. This allows all guitars to stay! Amps & stereo...
  19. burke

    Started the music room redo

    Began emptying my music to have more room, repaint, and new lighting. Only will have room for 10 guitars, and one amp (Marshall Code 50). That is an odd thing but my guitar "rack" is a old upright piano gutted and modded to hold guitars (10) and with 2 shelves on top. The room is now a blue...
  20. burke

    If we’re honest with ourselves about the reason we started playing guitar

    My mom had her acoustic kicking around the house forever, I had tried off and on for years, never really stuck with it. Then in 10th grade watching music vids with my friends the GnR Sweet Child O Mine vid came on. The one where it's like a rehearsal and Slash just bends down plugs in his guitar...

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