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  1. PixMix

    Kids these days...

    Same kid as above:
  2. PixMix

    Midwest Cold Vortex stories

    I have an old furnace, 1979 the original one that was installed when the house was built, and it did great both this time and five years ago when we had a similar vortex. My sister in law called last night, freaking out about her 3-4 year old furnace not working. I found someone to go and fix it...
  3. PixMix

    Midwest Cold Vortex stories

    -15 F / - 23 C actual temp, as I type this. Expected to go up to 53 F on Monday. Heat wave after vortex.
  4. PixMix

    P90 Owners club!

    Stamped two days apart.
  5. PixMix

    Which guitar will you buy: Early 90s Classic or 90s Standard

    Obviously it depends on the individual guitar, but some of the early Classics had the best looking honey burst job I have seen in a non CS guitar. I remember gasing hard over certain ones I would come across.
  6. PixMix

    jokes & funnies.

  7. PixMix

    Refurbishing super beat up gibson les paul special SL

    Good photos would be helpful, and easier on your end. Projects like this can be lots of work, but also fun and rewarding. I have always wanted to do a refinish of a similar kind you're describing (a Melody Maker or a Special) and go for some crazy color you don't usually see on Gibson...
  8. PixMix

    R8 in a pawnshop - figured top?

    $1500 is too high for a Classic. Look up on eBay what some recent sales were on Classics.
  9. PixMix

    Maple Necks and Headstock Breaks

    Totally clear that the headstock angle and the nature of the wood grain are the main factors here. But do we still see a similar number of breaks with maple necks?
  10. PixMix

    Maple Necks and Headstock Breaks

    I was wondering, are maple necks more resistant to the notorious breaks than mahogany ones? Any of you have any experience with, or have seen any of the Gibson models that came with maple necks that have suffered the typical headstock break? I am sure a flat out drop on a hard floor with...
  11. PixMix

    Belated NGD Post: 2019 Traditional

    HNGD, that's a really beautiful one. Oh, and being this a 2019 production, you're actually ahead of the time not belated. :P
  12. PixMix

    Les Paul Special hard case

    Thank you GitFiddle! This is what I was looking for.
  13. PixMix

    Les Paul Special hard case

    I am less concerned about the outer body dimensions, but the snug fit front to back (no wiggle room between the floor and top of case), and keeping the headstock above the floor of the case.
  14. PixMix

    2019 Les Paul Jr Tribute

    I'd be interested more if it came as 2xP90. Though shouldn't bee too hard to modify. (Bad photoshop)
  15. PixMix

    Les Paul Special hard case

    Bump to an old thread, but still relevant problem. Anyone got around finding a decent quality case that fits LP Specials and that doesn't require towels and other interventions?
  16. PixMix

    Gold Powder: Tests & Experiments

    I had them all backed up and uploaded on imgur. When I find some time I'm going to try and figure out which pic goes where.
  17. PixMix

    Gold Powder: Tests & Experiments

    Photo bucket killed all my pics. :(
  18. PixMix

    P90 Owners club!

    My current P90 situation: 2006 double cutaway and 2011 special with ebony board.
  19. PixMix

    Gibson eBay scam alert

    Exactly! It's the time travel aspect that makes the signature so rare and special. :p
  20. PixMix

    How does one go about hiding a new Gibson Les Paul from their spouse?

    Awfully uncomfortable in the long run, but worse comes to worse this might work too...

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