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  1. Shandog

    Advice needed for routing mistake!

    Where is the updated ExNi template?
  2. Shandog

    Duplicarver for Necks

    Anyone made a duplicarver?
  3. Shandog

    Best Nut Material

    Eastern Canadian Moose Tibia.
  4. Shandog

    Duplicarver for Necks

    Actually it was Freddy that got me onto the micro planes. I can rough out the neck in about 30 minutes now.
  5. Shandog

    Duplicarver for Necks

    Nah, they are only 15". I use a micro-plane for necks actually.
  6. Shandog

    Duplicarver for Necks

    I have a file, rasp and two 21 inch pythons.
  7. Shandog

    Katana Fret Levelling System Video Overview

    I do it the "(E & A, A & D, D &G, G & B, B & E)." way. It doesn't take long. The stuff really isn't sandpaper either. Its like a very fine type stuff. Never seen it before. Mine has paid for itself a few times over now. Guys know you have it and want you to use it on every guitar it seems.
  8. Shandog

    floyd rose and a 9.5 inch radius neck

    I once used small square pieces of copper shielding tape under the saddles for shims on floyds. Never had a problem.
  9. Shandog

    Can I make a smaller LP style guitar with this slotting template?

    Is there a truss rod in those? I'm itching to build one of these now.
  10. Shandog

    The Real Burst

    I challenge anyone here to build 2 guitars using the same plan and have both come out exactly the same.
  11. Shandog

    The Real Burst

    Anyways, the one thing I found wrong with the original Bartlett plans was the length of the head stock. The isolated outline seemed to be taken directly from the overhead view of the full neck. Because of the 17 degree head tilt it makes the headstock shorter. If you measure the side view on the...
  12. Shandog

    Gibson "Reverse Burst"

    I don't like it. Gotta go, those damn kids are in my yard again...
  13. Shandog

    What would you do with this guitar?

    Talkin' bout my generation.....smash...ka-brang...
  14. Shandog

    Stew-Mac peghead tuner reamer

    The Ream Police, they live inside of your head...
  15. Shandog

    Stew-Mac peghead tuner reamer

    I use mine in a drill press.
  16. Shandog

    PROJECT EX :Physics Sound Frequency Tuning Forks Built Inside Guitar

    That would totally rock with a hamster wheel in it.
  17. Shandog

    Guitar-Making Template Tip

    Wouldn't water in the PVA cause MDF to expand before it dries?
  18. Shandog

    Guitar-Making Template Tip

    What about Testers Model cement. That stuff is like a $1 a tube. May not have those soak in properties like the CA does. Where does one buy CA in bulk in Canada Freddy?
  19. Shandog

    What's happening in my garage

    Yeah. May come out kinda scrambled...... Seems an almost over easy way to grain fill... Look on the sunny side up of things and try it on some scrap maybe...

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