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  1. Bobtastic

    FrankenPaul: A Scrapwood LP

  2. Bobtastic

    I don't normally do "clone" builds but this appealed to me

    Like, like like! Soooo many likes!
  3. Bobtastic

    Speaker Cab Build - Something New?

    Awesome work! But please stop giving me ideas!
  4. Bobtastic

    Wood-tripping to England

    Hope you have fun in dear old Blighty! Be sure to check out some of the real ales!
  5. Bobtastic

    Build #2 - Mahogany Tele

    I did something like this for drilling the TOM bridge holes on my LP build. I used my drill press to drill a "straight" hole through some scrape then attached it to my top and used my hand drill to drill the holes into the body. I would say it was a reasonable success, the holes were not as...
  6. Bobtastic

    Pine as Neck Wood

    Here are a couple of up close picture of the grain. I think in hind sight I should have cut it into three and flipped them around and laminated them back together... but I think I'll carry on and see if the neck warps over time. :D
  7. Bobtastic

    Pine as Neck Wood

    Oh no! I've started something now! :shock::naughty: I had a look at the neck I have started last night and the grain looks practically identical to your picture Jeff. I've not had to pay for the wood, and I have only made the one guitar so far so all practice is good practice. It might...
  8. Bobtastic

    Grohlstheman's Custom/Supreme Build!

    Awesome work fella! I hope to start a build thread soon and I hope my work is half as clean as yours is!
  9. Bobtastic

    Pine as Neck Wood

    Wow! Thanks for all of the replies! I really thought this thread was going to be rather unhelpful after the first comment. The grain of the wood is very straight on the top and quite tight. I had thought of using carbon fibre rods to add some stability, but that may end up costing as much...
  10. Bobtastic

    Pine as Neck Wood

    Hi all, I've been itching to start a new build... I'm thinking about a SG. While I am deciding what to do and to keep my hand in I decided to turn a chuck of Pine that was holding up my old breakfast bar into a couple of neck. I know Pine isn't the best wood for a guitar neck but the grain...
  11. Bobtastic

    Ground Wire Help

    Hi Pelham, I fitted the ground wire at the same time as test fitting the stoptail piece studs. I didn't have any single core wire so just used a copper earthing wire from a kettle lead with a tinned end. :D Once is was in it didn't move, even after I removed the studs for finishing. You...
  12. Bobtastic

    What the heck? A Jimmy Burst Jr.

    Awesome sauce!!
  13. Bobtastic

    New build

    Beautiful work!
  14. Bobtastic

    New build

    I wonder if they are annoyed or flattered...
  15. Bobtastic

    Rubish to Rock n Roll!

    I made the neck of this guitar from a door I found in my loft. My though process went. "I wonder if I can make a guitar out of this door..." Turns out I could. :D Not as much door went into it as I had hoped, but still saved my a couple of quid. Cost me a lot more in tools and other stuff...
  16. Bobtastic

    Barnaby's Workshop

    Barnaby's Workshop... I can feel a new You Tube channel coming on! ;) Congratulations B!
  17. Bobtastic

    First LP build

    Nice start! There is always more than one way to do things and it's the only really the end result that matters. With bandsaws the bed angle can be adjustable, it's possible there could be a slight lean to it. Also if there is not enough tension in the blade itself the path the blade takes can...
  18. Bobtastic

    Complete Setup - Fretboard Scrape, Fret level, Bone Nut Carve, Intonation

    Has this been included in Index of Useful Threads?
  19. Bobtastic

    1st Les Paul carved top

    Do you have any updates Kenty? I'm interested to see how your build is progressing.
  20. Bobtastic

    Strategies for First Build

    All you can say is that it will be hard, as if you have no basis of comparison. It will not be harder or easier than anything else. Building a Tele will be hard and then building a Les Paul will be harder. But if you just build a Les Paul it will be hard, and then building a Tele will be easier. :D

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