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  1. mountainwhimsy

    Hardest nickel frets?

    Evo is easy to work with. I get mine pre-bent in pieces from Philadelphia Luthier Supply, same with SS. My daily player acoustic is going on 2 years with little wear. I'm not a heavy handed player. As for color, it looks bright gold when you get it, but once you buff it out, it seems to...
  2. mountainwhimsy

    Hardest nickel frets?

    Just to throw something into the mix. I personally think there is a huge difference between SS and nickel on an acoustic guitar. I've used it on a few acoustics and really do not like it there. A noticeable ping or zing for me that I really could not get over. Especially when playing...
  3. mountainwhimsy

    Thank you Luthiers Corner :)

    Right on, Chris!
  4. mountainwhimsy

    So...what IS the deal with string tension?

    One thing that I find makes a huge difference is fret height. A little extra height on the frets keeps me from fighting finger friction on the fb. If I build for a person who really likes to bend, I tend to go with a higher fret than I would a person who, let's say, mainly finger picks.
  5. mountainwhimsy

    Basic tools for a setup

    WTF! Walmart is now selling luthier tools!!!!
  6. mountainwhimsy

    Order forms

    Definitely salted, and melted. Better licks...
  7. mountainwhimsy

    The Fenrir wolf project.

    Excellent! Love the TRC!
  8. mountainwhimsy

    Just found out Sherwin Williams discontinued Promar need something that cold checks

    Chris, so you are using Mohawk Piano Lacquer, not their stringed instrument? We traded PMs about Mohawk before I purchased it. Checking back at those messages I don't see that Piano or Stringed Instrument was mentioned. Figured I bought the wrong stuff. It sprayed great! Fantastic buildup...
  9. mountainwhimsy

    Just found out Sherwin Williams discontinued Promar need something that cold checks

    You might want to try Mohawk Piano Lacquer. I accidentally purchased it instead of the Stringed Instrument Lacquer, so I tried it on a couple of instruments. It is pretty brittle, and on one instrument resulted in multiple cracks while moving from the garage to house in cold weather. I was...
  10. mountainwhimsy

    Free! Band Saw 2.5" Zero Clearance Inserts

    Nope still showing for me. Might not work for some if Google photos is blocked. These guys.
  11. mountainwhimsy

    Free! Band Saw 2.5" Zero Clearance Inserts

    I bought these a couple of years ago and only now realized they don't fit my Grizzly 14" band saw. My loss is your gain. Free to anyone in the US. I'll even cover shipping!
  12. mountainwhimsy

    Gibson Zero Fret retro fit - advice needed.

    I can't really see how the nut is constructed, but it looks like the "zero fret" on that does not overhang the end of the fretboard at all. Making the distance between the zero and first frets slightly longer. I could be wrong, but just make sure that the zero fret center is actually at the...
  13. mountainwhimsy

    Best place to buy sandpaper in bulk

    +1 for the Mirka Gold form Online Industrial Supply. I've had great luck with it.
  14. mountainwhimsy

    A Pair of Mandos - Octave and Army/Navy

    Thanks! And with most features, they often start as accidents. I wasn't planning on the herringbone, but had a little tear out when routing the binding channel. So I added the purfling. And that's what made the whole thing come together. Wish I had it on the octave, too. The heel cap was a...
  15. mountainwhimsy

    A Pair of Mandos - Octave and Army/Navy

    Got this duo finished up last month. Both are super fun to play. The Army/Navy is in the hands of my Uncle-in-law, a classically trained pianist. I'm hanging onto the octave and having fun bringing in different sounds and textures to my little trio.
  16. mountainwhimsy

    Binding Fretboard with Same Wood?

    You can absolutely do this pretty easily, though I'm not sure with wenge. I did that on the last two builds that had ebony fretboards. I personally hate the look of open-ended fret slots on a custom instrument. Binding with the same wood keeps the fb simple and clean, while covering the fret...
  17. mountainwhimsy

    Help/Advice With My "Holy 345"

    Put some fake pots and switches in it. Fiddle with them when you are playing so it really looks like they are hooked up and doing something. People will be amazed with your sound and mods! They'll ask you what sort of wiring you have. Tell them something like, "It's a left-handed granical...
  18. mountainwhimsy

    New SprayGun = Awesome!!!

    What size compressor are you guys running?
  19. mountainwhimsy


    Nice haul!
  20. mountainwhimsy

    Limba 6 Multiscale + Filter'Tron

    I really like the TV Jones pickups....both look and sound. I put the Duo-Trons in my multi-scale archtop. I also debated keeping the mount straight vs angled, and settled on strait to keep the alignment with the strings over the poles. I also think it looked better on this guitar. They sound...

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