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  1. Jungle

    Slim-to-fat neck profile conversion

    What a strange question ..... Choose an other guitar with '50' s neck profile.
  2. Jungle

    Schaller Double Ring Tuners .

    I installed a set of Schaller G3 Double Ring on my Gibby, those tuners are very good with smooth knobs and I like the vintage style with double ring knobs, they are great tuners. The Kluson Revolution are better, they fit perfectly a Modern Gibson. I don' t see equiped Gibsons with those famous...
  3. Jungle

    Philadelphia Luthier or Crazy Parts ?

    I received the knobs and they were very low, close to the Les Paul body. I think that reflector knobs are lower than top hat knobs, I noticed this with my Junior too. To fix this I used small washers / spacers between the potentiometer shafts and the knobs, the result is really cool and...
  4. Jungle

    1950's Juniors: what style of knobs?

    My inspiration,
  5. Jungle

    Philadelphia Luthier or Crazy Parts ?

    I' m in France so I oder a set of cellulose acetate resin/Butyrate Reflector Knobs at Crazy Parts. Wait and see...
  6. Jungle

    Philadelphia Luthier or Crazy Parts ?

    I want new vintage repro reflector knobs for my ebony Gibson SG '61 RI, my choice is Philadelphia Luthier knobs or Crazy Parts knobs, here are the links ...
  7. Jungle

    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

    My Pelham Blue Les Paul Junior.
  8. Jungle

    Historic Pickup Rings on Standard 50's.

    Gibson pickup rings, M-69 rings made of Butyrate are flat, they are the same for the SG and for the Les Paul. Philadelphia Luthier M-69 pickp rings on my Gibson SG, I like the style !
  9. Jungle

    Historic Pickup Rings on Standard 50's.

    DiMarzio rings break easily, others are made of Butyrate like Gibson custom shop rings, very flexible.
  10. Jungle

    Les Paul Tribute Gold Top.

    Your Les Paul looks really cool, awesome result. The boby and the neck were all black ? Can you explain how you made this job ?
  11. Jungle

    Faber ABR 1 Bridge Upgrade Question

    Yes, Faber® iNsert™ with 6/32" upper threaded posts are available at : The problem is that I don' t find those parts at
  12. Jungle

    Historic Pickup Rings on Standard 50's.

    I like how M-69 pickp rings look.
  13. Jungle

    2015 SG Standard

    I like the adjustable nut, it' s great for a low action no matter the string gauge.
  14. Jungle

    Can’t get fret buzz free Gib. SG Standard 61’ (2022)

    The FABER INsert are great, this is not the cause of the issue.
  15. Jungle

    1999 vs 2004 Les Paul Studio

    Is the bridge a Gibson ABR-1 or a Nashville on the 1999 Les Paul Studio ?
  16. Jungle

    Les Paul Tribute Gold Top.

    Steven, the Tribute body without the binding is a little bit sad.
  17. Jungle

    Les Paul Tribute Gold Top.

    Thanks, after scraping the binding the maple was white, sensitive to dirt. A clear coat on the binding was necessary.
  18. Jungle

    Les Paul Tribute Gold Top.

    I used clear coat for models (Tamiya, Heller, Humbrol ...) applied with a small paint brush to protect the maple top. Clean result.
  19. Jungle

    2015 SG Standard

    The guitar is like a '61 Reissue, I made adapters for the Gibson ABR-1 bridge, very discrete with a strong assembly.
  20. Jungle

    Les Paul Tribute Gold Top.

    I' ve got a '17 Les Paul Tribute, a great guitar and I made some cool modifications : Buffed finish, scraped binding with clear coat, Historic TRC, M-69 pickup rings, Black plastics, ABR-1 bridge with Faber INsert adapters. The case is a Lifton '59 Reissue.

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