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  1. noisemaker

    Pickguard for a greco that actually fits?

    feel the same way, got a unbeveled p90 pickguard that I'm gonna try and turn into a proper fitting one. Thanks! I love the darker burst. I might go with mojoaxe if nothing else works. I'm a pickguard on type of guy and I'm going crazy not being able to put one on this great guitar.
  2. noisemaker

    Pickguard for a greco that actually fits?

    I'm thinking of going that way but that still leaves the question of the top screw fitting properly. I guess it would be possible to shave top part a little to accommodate the few mm needed but not sure how that's gonna look/fit
  3. noisemaker

    Pickguard for a greco that actually fits?

    Hello guys, I've had this beautiful EG59-50 for about a year now and really loving it. The problem is it came without a pickguard and I'm really wanting to put one on. Ordered a hosco one that left a huge gap since the distance between the pickups was only about 57mm but the actual distance of...
  4. noisemaker

    2018 LP R9: First Impressions

    This vintage cherry burst looks almost like the perfect bourbon burst. Very beautiful.
  5. noisemaker

    2008 Les Paul R9

    Photobucket doesn't work unless you pay for it. Upload to imgur.
  6. noisemaker

    The Unofficial Official Anything Burny Theory, Photo, & ID Related Thread

    Can anyone help me get some more information on this Burny LPC? Natural LPC with "flame" and what I presume is a 3piece maple neck? more pics here
  7. noisemaker

    Your thoughts on these amps

    orange rocker + zvex box of rock = such a wide range of gain you'll shit your pants
  8. noisemaker

    fuzz build??

    guys, thanks for all the replies.. but I checked into my bank account and it looks like I have more money than I thought to spend on a fuzz :thumb: so I'm not gonna take the chance of making one with my clumsy hands and maybe just order one from proguitarshop or something one last...
  9. noisemaker

    fuzz build??

    wooff.. this is getting heavy.. maybe ill just check out the voodoo labs superfuzz
  10. noisemaker

    Either they hijacked a truck, or...

    and.. no feedback as seller?? and the last thing he bought was... icandy headphones :naughty:
  11. noisemaker


    nice thanks!!!
  12. noisemaker


    done that.. just found some pictures of him with a tokai?
  13. noisemaker


    I need a pic of billy gibbons playing a epiphone les paul to cure my GAS for a strat help a brother! no I need it for something else :fingersx:
  14. noisemaker

    identify this?

    oh my lord he's got another one: Custom Epiphone/Gibson Les Paul - eBay (item 130354194956 end time Dec-27-09 20:00:41 PST)
  15. noisemaker

    identify this?

    could some doctor buy this and burn??? :shock:
  16. noisemaker

    Who likes P90 style pickups in their Dot?

    tell that to clapton about.. 40 years ago?
  17. noisemaker

    fuzz build??

    ill check into that.. thanks :)
  18. noisemaker

    fuzz build??

    holy crap.. thats a big picture in my signature edit: ah fixed it
  19. noisemaker

    fuzz build??

    I was thinking of making my own fuzz since the only fuzz im after costs $200+ so I was thinking of making a fuzz pedal on my own... so I really want that jimmy page MKII fuzz sound and thats what I'm looking for.. any ideas?? I would appreciate a links to or just schematics here, it would...
  20. noisemaker

    Sexiest amp of all time - What's your pick ?

    I'd like to take two dozens of those blue cabinets and stack them 4x3 on one side and 4x3 on the other and run a hiwatt 100 head through them and plug a R9 into that shit and play some eagles stuff

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