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  1. Fireproof

    Awesome New Forum!!!

    Woohoo! New subforum. Thanks!
  2. Fireproof

    WTB-LP with Floyd

    That's pretty sweet. Have you used one? Seen good reviews? I'm intrigued.
  3. Fireproof

    schecter to make zakk "wylde" guitars

    Call back to the "357 Customs" promotion way back when. They made a chopper for Zakk, then came up with some promotional stunt where if you bought a model chopper and gift certificate, you got a FREE Epiphone bullseye LP. Turned out to be a scam. Ended up with Zakk suing the...
  4. Fireproof

    Head count for Modelling sub-forum

    Voted yes. Let's do this thing...
  5. Fireproof

    omg, what have i done?!

    Where did OP go?
  6. Fireproof

    schecter to make zakk "wylde" guitars

    HA! That's too funny! I am still waiting for my free guitar!!! Maybe it'll arrive next week.
  7. Fireproof

    Who wants a modeling amp sub-forum?

    YES!! Let's do it. And as mentioned - Let's make it Modeling GEAR to discuss all related things such as: - FRFR speaker options - Amp modeling devices (Fractal, Kemper, Atomic, Line6, etc.) - Amp modeling amps (Fender Mustangs, Blackstar ID amps, et...) - Foot control accessories - Etc...
  8. Fireproof

    NGD - Wear some asbestos. ohhhh the flames

    Wow - that thing is really cool. Love it. Congrats!!
  9. Fireproof

    I was GASing for a blue LP

    Very cool. I'm digging it. Great job.
  10. Fireproof

    omg, what have i done?!

    ^^^ You may be on to something. OP - don't leave us hanging!!!
  11. Fireproof

    Chappers and The Captain: 2016 LP Standard Trad Spec vs High Performance spec

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing - I hadn't seen that yet. Of course - I knew all of the info due to browsing the threads here at MLP!! LOL.
  12. Fireproof

    this made my day on thanksgiving

    That's very cool brother. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Fireproof

    omg, what have i done?!

    What are the odds there would be a rogue staple in two different cases in the same spot? Pretty slim I think.
  14. Fireproof

    omg, what have i done?!

    Dang - I really want the OP to solve this mystery. The suspense is killing me...
  15. Fireproof

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

    Permission granted. Welcome to the site. Enjoy! p.s. I agree about Page. :)
  16. Fireproof

    I have no one in my life to appreciate my LP with, will you?

    Well I appreciate it! Nice looking LP. Play the crap out of it! ��
  17. Fireproof

    Do you use a clip on tuner for tuning your Gibson?

    When I'm playing around on the couch unplugged - I'll throw a Black Snark on there for a quick tuning check. Otherwise I use the built-in tuner in my Kemper or the Mustang III to tune up.
  18. Fireproof

    Mustang III V2 without computer

    Got it. Really really appreciate you taking the time with your replies. Very educational. Thanks so much. Look forward to playing around with the different amp settings and letting my ears be the guide. Good to know that the BIAS and SAG settings are per amp, and not global. I didn't think...
  19. Fireproof

    Mustang III V2 without computer

    Also - can someone explain in simple terms what BIAS and SAG settings do, and if I need to mess with those? (And if so - how they should be tweaked or for what purpose?)
  20. Fireproof

    Mustang III V2 without computer

    Quick question on this. I saw FFXIhealer's suggestion to tweak the amps in 83-99 to ahve all 5.5 settings for a neutral starting place. I thought that I would do the same and did that, but I put them in a different order, as I wanted certain amps closer to 99 than others. Did I screw...

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