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  1. drmmrr55

    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    I have owned/played MANY Les Paul's over the years, and as long as I've been playing your tastes/needs change over the years (40+). I now only play 1 Les Paul, and it's a cheap one, the Les Paul DC tribute in my avatar. It's light, and will do just about anything I ask of it, except dive bombs...
  2. drmmrr55

    2003 Les Paul Ground Issue

    Well, I'm convinced from your posts that you have a lost ground issue somewhere, where it is, is the key issue. My only suggestion is to trace ALL grounds and shields to find the culprit, the grounds/shields should be a closed system. Any break in that system will cause the symptoms you describe.
  3. drmmrr55

    2003 Les Paul Ground Issue

    How about the ground wire to the tailpiece? Is there continuity from the tailpiece to the ground on the pots?
  4. drmmrr55

    DC Junior confusion

    I've not seen a DC Junior like the one in the pic above, but they do make one in an SG junior model. They are pretty pricey at $1399.00 though...
  5. drmmrr55

    DC Junior confusion

    The pic in my avatar is a Junior Tribute. Mahogany body, Maple neck, and a soapbar P-90. The custom shop would be ALL mahogany, and a dog-ear P-90. I paid $549.99 for my Tribute a couple years ago (Guitar Center was blowing them out), it's the best Gibson I've ever owned, and it's my #1!
  6. drmmrr55

    Pick guard on or off? I hate the holes.

    The coveted '59 burst has a pickguard, and if you take it off, you're going to have holes. I'll take the '59 with holes over any Les Paul without...LOL
  7. drmmrr55

    Pick Guard

    I look at it this way, if I had a '59 Les Paul standard, it would definitely have holes in it!
  8. drmmrr55

    Pick Guard

    I know my 2016 Standard AAA flametop came with a pickguard, but it came in the in the pocket of the hardcase uninstalled. Maybe you can find one of those where the owner didn't install it. P.S. I installed mine, they just don't look like a true Les Paul to me, without the pickguard...(personal...
  9. drmmrr55

    George Thorogood hate?

    I too was not aware that there was dislike for George Thorogood. Personally, I love his open chord blues picking, and his tone is excellent!
  10. drmmrr55

    Is this Les Paul Classic a Fake?

    Looking pretty genuine from here, at least with the limited evidence provided...
  11. drmmrr55

    Is this 2005 Gibson Les Paul real?

    If anything, the "striped African mahogany" on the back of the body is a dead giveaway. Every Les Paul Standard I've ever seen does not use that wood. Some Epiphones use that wood, but not a real Gibson.
  12. drmmrr55

    My One And Only Les Paul...A Question!

    FYI, I also had a 2017 LP Standard in heritage cherry burst, and it came stock with Burstbucker Pro pickups, so just look up the spec's on those...
  13. drmmrr55

    Anybody have a recent Heritage Cherry Sunburst LP Standard pic to share? clown or nah?

    If you consider a 2017 a recent LP, then here is my LP Standard
  14. drmmrr55

    Is this a One piece back or not?

    The only way to tell for sure is a very close inspection of the end grain. It's easier to spot a lamination there, because it's difficult to match the back grain AND the end grain. Gibson is pretty good at matching grains to make it look like one piece.
  15. drmmrr55

    Custom Waterslide Decal Source?

    If you have a good inkjet printer, you can make them yourself, that's what I've been doing. They make waterslide inkjet compatible paper. You have to be sure and coat them with some kind of waterproof "fixer" on the paper after printing, before you use them however, or the ink will run when you...
  16. drmmrr55

    Original Collection 70's Deluxe

    I got one in August 2021, a Goldtop, and I absolutely love the neck pickup, but I'm having trouble dialing in a good bridge pickup sound, it's so bright, it sounds very thin to me. I've so far, just avoided using the bridge pickup, and am thinking of changing the bridge to a P90, (maybe an...
  17. drmmrr55

    I Butchered A Firebird

    Wow, what a project. I like the P90 in the neck, I'm not totally sure I would put a Tele pickup and bridge on a Firebird, but that's just me. I've seen Allen Collins play his Firebird, and also he played an Explorer, and neither had a Tele bridge/pickup on them, but a cool project nonetheless!
  18. drmmrr55

    Les Paul Deluxe with Mini Hums

    I would say probably not, at least not easily. The Gibson P-90, and mini humbucker both mount on a metal plate in the bottom of the pickup cavities. It looks like the Epi's mount to the pickup rings on the top, which means the routes are different shapes, and I'm willing to bet there is no metal...
  19. drmmrr55

    Just read where Gibson is raising their prices next week…

    It was only a matter of time before Gibson returned to their Henry J prices, when list price for a LP Standard was $3200.00!

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