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  1. tele-bastard

    surprisingly good low cost pedals

    Joyo American, Caline Pure Sky and Boss Blues driver BD2
  2. tele-bastard

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    The Joyo American is a bad ass pedal.
  3. tele-bastard

    (Incoming) New Pedalboard Day

    Coming along nicely.
  4. tele-bastard

    MF SDOD -Epiphone Ltd Ed LP Traditional PRO Gold Top $299

    The Epi Traditional Pro LP is still my favorite lester.
  5. tele-bastard

    NGD: Casino Coupe

    Nice score. She's a beauty; did you pick that up in Nashua?
  6. tele-bastard

    NGD Les Paul Classic

    That's one heck of a deal. Well done.:applause::slash::dude:
  7. tele-bastard

    My 2004 Epi '56 Gold Top (Pic heavy)

    That's a great price for a 56GT. I got 400 cash for mine on Craigslist.
  8. tele-bastard

    Your Thoughts On Reverb

    Hall of Fame Reverb is sweet... maybe pick up a used one.
  9. tele-bastard

    Pedal For Mesa Mark IIC+ and Mark IV Tones

    Joyo California sound
  10. tele-bastard

    NPD Wampler Black '65

    I used to have the Wampler tweed 57 I do like the sound of this one as well.
  11. tele-bastard

    NGD sg-400

    Well done! I still play my Epiphone SG 400 more than my Gibson future tribute SG.
  12. tele-bastard

    Gibson switch tips work w/ Epis?

    I tried to put an EPi one on my Gibby and it didn't work; too small.
  13. tele-bastard

    My recent CL find...rave!

    I absolutely love my traditional pro as well; great find.
  14. tele-bastard

    NGD Epi Traditional Pro Desert Burst

    I still couldn't be happier with my traditional pro.... congratulations and sweet color I didn't know they were making these in desert burst.
  15. tele-bastard

    Best places for used LPs in good shape?

    Craigslist or Guitar Center under used Les Paul.
  16. tele-bastard

    Epi traditional pro Goldtop 2011 vs Ibanez iceman ic500

    You chose wisely my friend... This right here is why this is my number one.... and I have a lot of quality guitars... I have small hands and fingers and have no trouble with the chunky neck.
  17. tele-bastard

    Honest Epi Assessment

    Honestly I like my Epiphone Probucker (epi's version of the Burstbucker) pickups better than my Gibson Classic 57s. The classic 57 will definitely be clearer than your prior two pickups... but will not have that mean growl of a pro or burstbucker.
  18. tele-bastard

    NGD: 24 hours seemed so long!

    Love it.
  19. tele-bastard

    My Very First Epi!!

    Sweet... welcome to the club!
  20. tele-bastard

    Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro

    I like my Epiphone traditional pro more than my Gibby's so you might want to wait before you do anything.

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