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  1. LiquidIce

    Compressor... I need one

    Surprised no one has mentioned the Wampler Ego yet! I tried many compressors before settling on the Wampler. I wanted the pedal to use with regular guitar playing, but also to add a little transparent boost in sustain with my open tuned guitar used for slide. Nothing sounded better than the...
  2. LiquidIce

    replacing original pickups

    50's wiring with some new pots for volume and tone will give you a much better sound, especially when rolling off highs with the tone controls. He's absolutely right, you might find a better sound by doing the wiring first, and then you could use the extra funds for other upgrades...
  3. LiquidIce

    EVH little white lie....INTERVIEW

    yeah, I got a kick out of that too. He's the last person who could try and say he's a purist about tone without using pedals. Hey man, there is nothing wrong with using pedals, just don't frickin lie about it!!!
  4. LiquidIce

    EVH little white lie....INTERVIEW

    I think I was burned out on him before Sammy even joined the band. OU812 was about the last album I somewhat enjoyed.
  5. LiquidIce

    So... Nighthawk Anybody? Pic heavy.

    I have wanted one of these for SO long, however I went nuts buying pedals earlier this year, and no just don't have the current funds to get one. I want the black version. I love how light-weight the guitar is, and with the PUP configuration and the push-pull pots, you can get a tele/strat...
  6. LiquidIce

    EVH little white lie....INTERVIEW

    recent interview for Esquire magazine reveals that Eddie lied back in the day about how he used his amp. "Brown Sound" revealed? Do I even care? article here
  7. LiquidIce

    Joe Perry - REALLY low pickups

    I think I saw a pic in the latest Rolling Stone of Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, and I noticed on the guitar Perry was holding, the pickups were really sunken into the body. Can't seem to find pic online, but if you get Rolling Stone, check it out. Never seen PUP's that low before....
  8. LiquidIce

    pedal order help

    I would put delay at the end. If you do enough searching, you'll see most people put the tuner at the very end. I've A/B both tuner pedal positions, and I notice that if I put it first, it seems to squash the tone abit.
  9. LiquidIce

    Clip On Tuners

    when I got mine, I immediately went to Walgreens and bought a better Duracell battery, and I keep the one that came with it for backup. When I use it, it's only turned on for maybe a minute.
  10. LiquidIce

    pedal order help

    I would put your WAH first, then follow with all your OD pedals, then boost pedals, ending with tuner. You'll have to mess around with the order of OD pedals, but probably won't make much of a difference, unless of course you use two or more OD pedals at the same time.
  11. LiquidIce

    Clip On Tuners

    I bought the Snark SN-2 last year, and I love it. It is super quick to tune up, and compared with some of my other pedal tuners, it's spot on for accuracy. What I really like about it is the "vibration" mode. This bypasses the microphone, which is nice if your in a noisy situation for...
  12. LiquidIce

    Pot & wiring choices for Burstbuster Pros

    I've got the same PUP's in my Epi LP Custom with caps and pots from Jonsey, and I love the sound I get out of the guitar now! The PUP's themselves are really frickin hot, so I guess it depends on what you play, but I find the guitar works for everything except jazz/country. It's not BAD...
  13. LiquidIce

    Cables: Guitar to pedalboard, pedalboad to amp.

    same cable all throughout except from pedal to pedal (patch). Not to hijack, but thinking today, how would this work with a wireless system? Would you need two units?.... guitar>transmitter>receiver to pedalboard>pedal out to transmitter>receiver to amp Hope that makes sense
  14. LiquidIce

    Do you have a REAL glass slide?

    wonder if it's possible for our fingers to lose weight while in the sealed bottles :hmm: :)
  15. LiquidIce

    Lonely Boy Dive Pedal - I Think I figured it Out

    messing with my Digitech multi-fx the other day, I noticed a setting for the expression pedal called "Dive Bomb". Sure enough, had me off and running. Kind of a kick butt effect anyways. Gonna try and get more use out of it than just that damn BK song. Bass player from TOOL used a dive...
  16. LiquidIce

    Tube Screamer, Best One to Get?

    I wouldn't get stuck on the model number of this chip. Over the past 30-40 years, there have been many manufacturers of this chip, and they all use the same model number. My amp tech has a butt load of these chips. There is more to the original pedal than that "holy grail" of a chip...
  17. LiquidIce

    Great Read/Link on potentiometers

    everything Jonsey has already told us in his numerous threads.
  18. LiquidIce

    What pickups do you guys use?

    matching Seth Lovers in the Standard BurstBucker Pro's in the Custom
  19. LiquidIce

    Monster Rock Guitar Cable

    yeah, that's it, except the mono version. Weird, I've got no issues with mine, and I move around quite abit. Depends on how long ago you got yours, they might have updated the construction. They go through updates every 6 months or so it seems.
  20. LiquidIce

    Monster Rock Guitar Cable

    I use high quality audio cables from Site has nothing to do with guitars or amps for that matter, they mostly deal with home theater. However, their 1/4 to 1/4 "audio cables" are the best I've ever used, and the prices are crazy cheap....I mean seriously CRAZY cheap. I've...

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