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  1. traven

    What's up with my Signature T

    I understand what some of you guys are saying about bending down on the high e string, but I don't do that it just doesn't feel right, my les paul studio doesn't do it. But anyways I will have me tech look at it, I think it can get corrected and like some of you have mentioned it is about...
  2. traven

    What's up with my Signature T

    I have a Signature T and what I think is a problem, my high E string is very easy to bend down off the fret. Thinking it may be the nut, I put a new Tusq nut which did not correct the problem. Is it suppose to be like this on the Signature Ts or is it just mine or do I need to do something else...
  3. traven

    The Les Paul Signature T Thread

    I just got an ebony one but think I have to replace the nut. The high e string slips off the fret real easy when bending or doing hammer ons. Any suggestions or just replace the nut.
  4. traven

    Nut for Signature T

    Hello everyone, just purchased a new signature T which plays and sound awesome except I think I need to replace the nut. When ever I bend on the high e string it slips of the fret not normal I know. So what size tusq nut do I need. Thanks
  5. traven

    Randy Rhoads Studio

    Looking at the pics the strings do look a little tarnished old looking but I replaced them about 2 weeks ago, trying the new diadarrio NYXL. They seem ok, but than again I do play my guitar alot.
  6. traven

    NGD: les paul custom pro

    Nice Custom Pro you have there. I have one as well that I have upgraded, I replaced the wiring with Jonesyblues coil tap wiring with a JB and 59 pickups. Replaced the bridge and tail piece with Gohto, installed some gold grover locking tuners, Tusq nut and most recently added some gold/black...
  7. traven

    Randy Rhoads Studio

  8. traven

    Randy Rhoads Studio

    No it is or was a white alpine studio which has yellowed.
  9. traven

    Randy Rhoads Studio

    Just wanted to share some modifications I did to my 1993 studio. kinda gives it that Randy Rhoads vibe.:)
  10. traven

    My "to me" new 93 Les Paul Studio

    I love my 93 Les Paul, Mine is or should I say was white but has yellowed nicely :)
  11. traven

    Volume/Tone pot ??

    No everything works fine just wanted to make them to where they would turn quicker and easier.
  12. traven

    Volume/Tone pot ??

    I recently had my wiring upgraded on one of my guitars and was wondering if there is a way to make the volume pots turn easier, is it something that happens with use or can I speed them up myself somehow?
  13. traven

    498T/490R or SD JB/59

    Having the choice of the two pick up combinations, which would you choose for Classic Rock, Hard Rock and blues. The Gibson 498T/490R or Seymore Duncan JB and 59 pick up combination.
  14. traven

    1992 Les Paul Studio

    Nice guitars, here is my 1993 white which has yellowed nicely, has been played but is still in good condition.
  15. traven

    Epi upgrades over original

    I have a Custom Pro, that has been totally upgraded. Got the 50s wiring from Jonesy Blues with coil tapping with Switchcraft switch and jack, replaced the humbuckers with a JB in the bridge and a 59 in the neck along with replacing the tuners to Grover locking tuners and ditched the crapy nut...
  16. traven

    wiring harness ???

    Ok not sure what pots are in it now. The neck pickup volume pot does not work when turned all the way to 10. Butbi do the the 50s wiring. Will just replace that bad pot for now, thanks
  17. traven

    wiring harness ???

    Well I just got a 93 studio and the volume pot has a issue. Was wondering should I upgrade the whole wire harness with something from Jonesy Blues or just replace the volume pot, I guess what iam asking is are the wiring and pots used then decent or should I just replace the volume pot...
  18. traven

    NGD 1993 Gibson Les Paul studio

    Cool thanks, I had other pics as well with just the studio.
  19. traven

    NGD 1993 Gibson Les Paul studio

    <iframe width="480" height="360" src=""></iframe>

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