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  1. Bohacker

    jokes & funnies.

    The is hahha
  2. Bohacker

    Hercules Professional 12" Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw vs. Dewalt DWS780

    Look at Ridgid, lifetime warranty and a decent saw.
  3. Bohacker

    If I had a million dollars...

    pay off my house, pay off my ex, retire and take whatever might be left over and spend as much time as possible in south america doing hookers and blow. What I would have expected as the number one answer.
  4. Bohacker

    Gibson are now officially advertising for new CEO

    Just a formality, Alvin the Aussie already has the offer. Just sayin
  5. Bohacker

    9H Ceramic coatings for automotive paint--Worth the price?

    I use zaino on new vehicles. Not a ceramic product but provides a high gloss shine that lasts for years. Similar process to prep the car, wash with dawn to degrease, clay if desired, wash with their soap, then apply. I used 5 coats my first time and car looked waxed after washing for 5 years...
  6. Bohacker

    Which Gibson Would You Choose For an Endorsement Model?

    I'm thinking something with maximum tonz :slash:
  7. Bohacker

    Kratom, as an alternative pain therapy.

    Which strain did you take? Asking for a friend
  8. Bohacker

    Need advice on drills.

    Cordless for convenience. Ridgid batteries are guaranteed for life if you by a kit. Do the research, I think you can get a drill/impact driver kit with 2 batteries that are covered. Having said that my Milwaukee cordless set was the best cordless tools I've ever used. Built like a tank and...
  9. Bohacker

    Showed Up a Metalhead at Muso Store. Share Your Stories!!!

    Best line in that thread "I see. Hopefully Henry J will get the boot. Once that happens I could probably get a Gibson endorsement and be the ambassador for Australia like Slash is for the USA."
  10. Bohacker

    Stupid deal or not

    Well I'm in agreement it's not a pretty or sexy guitar, in fact it's kind of ugly. Plus I have an Epiphone SG I could put P90s in if I want. I'm sold, I think I'll pass. Thanks for the input.
  11. Bohacker

    Stupid deal or not

    Agree but I have so many cases I'm running almost glad it has a gig bag.
  12. Bohacker

    Stupid deal or not

    Musician's Friend has the 2016 Limited Run SG with P90s as their stupid deal of the day. $750 down from list of $1300 I seriously do not need another guitar but I also do not currently have a guitar with P90s. This seems like a great deal but I've come...
  13. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    You probably need to figure out what sound you like and then be patient. There are tons of good acoustics on CL all the time but very few that are good to great in value. Every now and then I see a great value but you have to move quick. I stopped looking at CL just because I would...
  14. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    If I didn't already have 4 acoustics . . .
  15. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    I thought about thinning the herd many times. I cannot even come close to choosing one to let go.
  16. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    I'm with ya but I have 3 SGs and only one LP so I was overdue for another LP. BTW, I'm done buying for a while. I have way too many guitars for how crappy I play. I just think they are beautiful. Some people buy art, I buy guitars.
  17. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    I'll have to look at the guts I pulled out but I can say my 2011 did not. Always felt the sound was muddy, did some research, upgraded the electronics and the difference was significant, amazing actually. I didn't even look at this one, I had the electronics, pups and tuners in hand before the...
  18. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    Agree, CL purchase on a temporary lease while on extended business travel. It was inexpensive.
  19. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    Me too! And I saved a couple hundred in the process. Almost paid for the new pups.
  20. Bohacker

    Thanks Malikon

    You sent me on a quest posting that beautiful black cherry burst studio. I waited a few days and then ordered from the link you posted. They called the next day to tell me they only had one and it was an open box. I said ok as long as it's not damaged. A few hours later my order was...

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