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    NGD Gibson Jimmy Page Number Two Signed and Aged 11

    i have been also interested about the quitar and in the same shop they said that it was a english man and not a greek who was the owner....what can i say? + i have asked for a lower price in the 2 quitars in the shop and they refused(the seller refused),but he proposed a -5% in the value of...
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    Jimmy Page No1's

    interested.send me in pm your phone number so i can ask you some questions about your quitar.
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    Jimmy Page No1's

    a link and a email you be most helpfull. mine is: [email protected]
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    Jimmy Page No1's I am watching the same quitar from the same collector any advice from walman? I really need some help.I am also intrested for this...
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    Jimmy Page Gibson Les Paul at my local shop

    if you do please share a review of both of them.
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    Peter Cooks guitar world in London

    I have asked for more pics and the did send me looks ok but you never know....tha #1 is a dream by the day.
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    Peter Cooks guitar world in London

    I am a jimmy page fun and i am looking for a Gibson Jimmy Page Double Neck EDS 1275 Hand signed to buy in the next 3 months.I have already spoken with music zoo that have a piece of the quitar i am trying to found . I have across the same item in a much lower price here. Peter Cook's Guitar...

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