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  1. theroan

    Is the Gibson LesPaul Classic a lesser les Paul?

    Classics are amazing. For their price you can still afford to get new pickups (a must with these ones) and replace the inlays if they bother you. The yellow ones are just terrible, the green not so bad.
  2. theroan

    Your Les Paul and a Fender Pics!

    Man we are similar, fellow Helix user lol, I have noiseless in my strat as well. I really like them. They handle gain well, loud, nice percussive quality. I think they work on a strat, but I want something mellower for the tele. I'm contemplating some Antiquities.
  3. theroan

    Your Les Paul and a Fender Pics!

    Bought it on a whim. Loved it. It's a MIM, I really want to switch out the pickups though.
  4. theroan

    NGD - LP faded 2008

    That's a beauty! Love mine!
  5. theroan

    Les paul classic antique

    I'll be buried with my Classic Antique.
  6. theroan

    Your Les Paul and a Fender Pics!

    It looks like sonic blue to me, but it's hard to tell.
  7. theroan

    Your Les Paul and a Fender Pics!

    2008 Classic Antique, 1994 MIJ 62 Reissue
  8. theroan

    2016 Standard Tobacco Sunburst

    This is a true tobacco burst. Some call it a two tone burst.
  9. theroan

    I stripped my Studio...

    I'd put a MOP Gibson decal on the headstock, that would look rad.
  10. theroan

    2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded

    I gut the pickups and electronics in all my LPs. I wouldn't get hung up on the which Gibson pickups they are, they're all terrible in my opinion aside from 57's in a 335. Any boutique brand will be better Wolftone, Zhangbucker, WCR, Lollar, Fralin etc.
  11. theroan

    What would you sell this for?

    I put the cream plastic back on. Sold for $1700 CND which is $1350 USD. You guys are good!
  12. theroan

    Looking to buy a Gibson LP Traditional

    To people who say I'm nuts, I'm open to being corrected. But I still haven't read a refutation that isn't just name calling. Yes, the older ones were just as heavy, but the counter argument is that a denser piece of wood could weigh as much as less dense piece that's full of water. That would...
  13. theroan

    Rack 'em

    From left to right: 2007 Standard Faded, 2008 Classic Antique, 2010 Traditional, 2015 Midtown Standard
  14. theroan

    Rack 'em

    I'd actually love advise on that. I live in Toronto, it's extremely dry right now. Should I have a humifier going or just keep them in the cases?
  15. theroan

    Rack 'em

    Built a wall rack. Only Gibson for you guys.
  16. theroan

    Looking to buy a Gibson LP Traditional

    My advise for anyone looking for a Les Paul would be the following: 1) Try get something from 2008 or earlier if possible. 2009 is when Gibson really went downhill imo. Not to say that they're all bad but my experience is the quality is more consistent on the before 2009. 2) Stay away from...
  17. theroan

    Show me your cherry sunburst Les Pauls

    Send in the Clown .....bursts.

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