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  1. taypeng

    My Historic With the Crooked Neck

    Ive seen warped necks on vintage fender necks...i dont see a warped neck here but a warped headstock. Could be the force of the heavier strings pulling on the headstock. you need to place a straight edge (or something relatively straight) on the neck and look for any gaps that would tell you its...
  2. taypeng

    Miami bridge failure explained.

    I had the unfortunate experience of working on project where a bridge collapsed too...from my non-expert view...the bridge is insufficiently reinforced/braced... A heavy roof structure on a flat slab of concrete that is too long, too thin and too wide.
  3. taypeng

    Gibson ‘running out of time — rapidly’

    PRS and Fender are made in the US and they seem to be doing fine. Among other bad decisions (e.g. Firebird X), i think Gibson just doesnt do a good job at marketing and selling to the mass market
  4. taypeng

    My Les Paul, Refinished and Aged by Tony Berrington

    I like what you did with the headstock. Looks much better than the original
  5. taypeng

    Unofficial official anything GRECO theory photo id related thread

    I looked up this catalog: Anyway i managed to remove the screws on thr neck pickup and took the pickup cover off as well. Its an alnico mag and theres no marking or labels on the baseplate I still dont know what it is lol...
  6. taypeng

    Unofficial official anything GRECO theory photo id related thread

    NGD and need some help IDing the pickups. Serial no and 1989 Greco catalog says this is a EG 59-70 made in 1990 According to the catalog, the pickups are "DRY". The plaintop EG 59-60 have "Screamin". Can anyone help to confirm this? The screws on the pickup rings are so badly rusted i cant...
  7. taypeng

    FS 1981 Burny FLG-90 MIJ

    Bump. Would buy this in a heartbeat...if i had the $$$
  8. taypeng

    3 Goldies and a Burst

    nothing more manly than guns and les pauls on a stainless wall
  9. taypeng

    FEELER: [W]hiskey [B]ravo vee tee pee-h pickups for sale

    "he who shall not be named" made some nice pickups. Was lucky to get a *** set... Wish I still had it
  10. taypeng

    Naked and Afraid

    a huge bottle of baby powder
  11. taypeng

    English Premier League 3-5 May 2014

    its more or less a done deal for Man City. i hate to say it but their performance this season makes them deserving of it...has been a challenging season for the top 4 clubs... I think transfer rumors interest me more than the league results now lol. looking to see who'll be moving into Man U...
  12. taypeng

    English Premier League football 5-7 April

    Im a gunners fan but I hope Liverpool wins this season because of steven gerrard. he deserves to win the BPL title before he retires.
  13. taypeng

    Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Any theories?

    I'm putting my money on well-planned pilot suicide (by the pilot) or hijacking gone wrong. if they recover the voice recorder... will they hear everything that went on in the cockpit?
  14. taypeng

    Fishman Re-Engineers the pickup.

    I would buy a guitar just to put those pickups in. I really like the whole idea that you can shape the pickup's voice. i would imagine the next step would be to put in place something programmable so you get to tweak the EQ to suit your guitar's natural voice or create whole new sounds
  15. taypeng

    65 Mustang body...real or fake?

    not sure what you meant by laundry day...but i wasn't thinking straight when I created this post. I do have a 65 mustang on the way though. will probably post some pics when it gets here
  16. taypeng

    65 Mustang body...real or fake?

    sorry mods, please delete this. found the answer
  17. taypeng

    Many Vintage Guitars Stolen - Fretted Americana

    could be sold to overseas buyers..
  18. taypeng

    FS: 1992 Orville Les Paul – with upgrades

    Very nice! Price?

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