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  1. Redfish

    How Did I Play That?

    I’ve literally learned hundreds of songs in my life. There are maybe Eight or 10 that I could play from memory without re-learning them. My old Band mates I was in a grunge band with in the 90s act like they don’t believe me when I tell them I would have to relearn all of those songs. By the way...
  2. Redfish

    The Greatest 44 Days in the History of Guitar Driven Music?

    I would toss the Metallica and all the rest are great. My cover band played a lot of songs off those albums.
  3. Redfish

    I’m also leaving this forum

    I lived in a little village just outside of Bitburg for three years and if you went into a gasthouse and said give me a beer room temperature Bitburg is what you got. To be honest I was a kid and much preferred Budweiser But man some of the kegs of bitburger we bought must’ve been 12%. I don’t...
  4. Redfish

    I’m also leaving this forum

    I haven’t heard anyone mention Bitburger beer since I was living in Bitburg Germany in the late 70’s. Didn’t know it was sold over here.
  5. Redfish

    Saddles for 2014 Historic Les Paul bridge.

    Two of the saddles On the bridge of my 2014 Historic all right we’re notched improperly. Anyone know where I can order saddles that are exactly like the originals?
  6. Redfish

    The Olympics are here!

    That hammer throwing bitch ruined it for me. I’ve always enjoyed the Olympics though I prefer Winter Olympics But now the whole thing just leaves me cold. Just like the NFL NBA etc. I used to watch sports to take my mind Off of politics and stress. Now the athletes are worse than the damn...
  7. Redfish

    Yankee eats a Moon Pie

    When I was a kid in the 60s we would gather empty pop bottles on the way to the country store. Cash them in and buy a moon pie and an RC cola. You ain’t from the south if you don’t like that.
  8. Redfish

    Faber Master kit for my 59 ....

    I use the tallest spacer. The break angle feels much like a top wrapped guitar without having your palm resting on the strings. I love the slinky feel and easy bends but don’t care for the feel of the strings with a top wrapped tailpiece. The other nice thing is when you change strings the...
  9. Redfish

    Problem with Finish on 120th Anniversary Les Paul Traditional

    I was at a bluegrass festival once and saw someone apply bug spray to their arms and then play a beautiful Martin D45 and it did the same thing to the finish on that guitar.
  10. Redfish

    Strings not passing pole pieces

    That’s one reason I don’t have any wraptail guitars. Mainly because I can’t get perfect intonation without hitting the lottery but also string spacing issues. They sound amazing but guys like you and me that are a little OCD are never going to feel completely comfortable with it. I’m the same...
  11. Redfish

    1960 Brazilian Les Paul - Golden Poppy Burst PHOTOFEST

    Love that color. Congrats.
  12. Redfish

    Funny answers you can give to lowballers

    Of someone is asking 2000 and I feel like it’s worth 1800. I offer 1600 hoping to meet in the middle. As far as I’m concerned that’s how haggling is done. If the seller gets offended, oh well I move on. I don’t consider that low balling. Offering 1200 would definitely be that. I’m amazed how...
  13. Redfish

    What's your favorite pickups?

    I like the WCRs a lot and you get them in a week , not a year.
  14. Redfish

    Tips for getting harness into hollowbody

    I’ve done it several times and always used dental floss. Every time I did it I swore never again but you know how that is. I have ALWAYS found it to be a pain in the ass. These guys that say it’s easy have more patience than I do. I usually realize I forgot to slide at least one washer on before...
  15. Redfish

    Joe Perry Gold Rush

    I wouldn’t buy it if I could only have one LP but since I have an R8 I wouldn’t mind having it. I think I could have fun with that thing..
  16. Redfish

    Yes, you can get one.

    Man I used to love me some Pat Travers back in the day. I saw him live several times. I thought the shows with Pat Thrall in the band were the best. There were times that Thrall actually outplayed him a bit imho. First time I heard Travers I was in HS and just starting out on guitar. Immediately...
  17. Redfish

    help in identifying R9 Les paul Top.

    I don’t know, it sure doesn’t look like bourbon burst to me. My guess is tangerine burst. All I can say for sure is I like it.
  18. Redfish

    Crossroads Festival is Back in Dallas

    All I can say is, if it was here in Florida and in September I would ONLY go if it was indoors. Outdoor festivals are great but sweating my balls off takes the enjoyment out of anything for me.
  19. Redfish

    Is the 2018 case too tight at the D-String tuner?

    I got the brown USA case as soon as I got my R8. My Lifton had the guitar supported only at the neck joint and the strap peg would have pushed into the guitar if you set it down firmly on the end. The Lifton cases look cool. Prop it in the corner for decor and save it for the day you may sell...

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