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  1. nicudeemus1

    Another Bedroom Build

    Cheers guys, means alot.
  2. nicudeemus1

    Another Bedroom Build

    Well I'm a year late but I've finally managed to get some decent clips of me playing the thing. I ended up ripping all the electrics out and just re doing everything and it worked! The Barnstormers are amazing. Haven't had that much experience with PAF replicas but these are everything I want...
  3. nicudeemus1

    Another Bedroom Build

    emoney, i may well do something like that, although if I were to go to a repair shop, I have a couple of other guitars in need of some work which I'd need to do aswell, don't know if I can pay for all of that at the minute. Thanks AndrewLP, I'll keep this thread posted when I sort out this stuff.
  4. nicudeemus1

    Another Bedroom Build

    Here's a couple that I dug up, I'll have a look for a more complete set :thumb: A nice family photo :naughty:
  5. nicudeemus1

    Another Bedroom Build

    To be honest with you its sitting in its case with no strings unfortunately, and I've been pretty busy with exams and stuff to do anything regularly with it. I replaced the switch twice, 3 sets of pickups and a couple of potentiometers, and the same problem comes up! Nothing in the bridge...
  6. nicudeemus1

    2nd Build, Flying V Custom...

    Nice score on that mahogany! its getting pretty difficult to find reasonably priced stuff here. Great work so far!
  7. nicudeemus1

    A Les Paul... After a Long Time...

    Allways inspiring seeing you're work Scott!
  8. nicudeemus1

    Do we really need another build thread? - (a poll)

    Yep. I learn something new every time I read a build thread, allways good reads :thumb:
  9. nicudeemus1

    Which one would you buy?

    Historic Makeovers. Don't really care much for guitars which are aged to look identical to the original.
  10. nicudeemus1

    2013 VOS vs Gloss

    To me VOS just seems like a corner cut in the finishing process being sold like its a feature.
  11. nicudeemus1

    New PU's for my '05 R7

    Can't go wrong with Bare knuckles
  12. nicudeemus1

    Staple P90 Black Beauty Custom Thread

    This thread should be deleted, it must be against the rules somewhere to torture members who don't have a 54 BB.
  13. nicudeemus1

    EDS 1275 plans

    Wow thanks those look great! Metric measurements would actually be perfect for me. I'll check the shipping when I get home it could be a bit pricy.
  14. nicudeemus1

    EDS 1275 plans

    Not really, I've seen those before and they're even cooler, but I'm nowhere near good enough to attempt any kind of hollow body, let alone that monster! The thing that drew me to the eds was that It seems as straight forward as the sg, just more time and labor and parts.
  15. nicudeemus1

    EDS 1275 plans

    I think first I have to get the plans printed to and see how much wood I will need. Maybe I'll go with a normal SG until I have some more solid measurements.
  16. nicudeemus1

    EDS 1275 plans

    I've been looking around and the only plans I can seem to find are a high def version of this, which is scattered across the internets. Now to me it seems to be lacking alot of measurements and information and probably isn't very accurate to an original. So does anyone have or know of any...
  17. nicudeemus1

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Awesome fretboard! What is the body made out of?
  18. nicudeemus1

    Jimmy Page #2 Demo No Quarter Solo Live from TSRTS

    You really got the sound right! All the solos from The Song Remains The Same were so awesome.
  19. nicudeemus1

    Gettin me a Sandy.........

    Very nice!

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