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  1. Ampex456

    NGD 2013 Traditional

    I had one, and got another one! Feels good to have another "real" guitar, I had a studio forever and something about it was not quite right. I probably played about 30 or 40 other guitars before picking this one. Professional pics on the site...
  2. Ampex456

    How much money did I lose on this Burny; Advice

    Thank you guys for writing back, that was very helpful. I am definitely selling it if anyone is interested. As far as the electronics, I don't think they are messed up, just not to my liking. Pots are noiseless.
  3. Ampex456

    Edwards Jimmy Page LP

    Edwards makes a quality LP
  4. Ampex456

    How much money did I lose on this Burny; Advice

    Just bought this a few days ago, The seller said it was a 1980 FLG; I didn't do my homework. Felt great to play so I picked it up for 1k$. Now I am not sure if I paid way too much. As is, the electronics sound bad. It needs new pots and maybe new magnets in the pups. What kind of Burny is this...
  5. Ampex456

    Vintage Kustom Cabs? Worth it?

    I used to have a Fender 2X15. I don't know wood very well, but it seemed to be made out of very heavy duty plywood. I am still young and strong and miss the big cab sound. There is a 1975 Kustom 4X12E (The ones with just black tolex, no tuck and roll) for 100$ for sale with original...
  6. Ampex456

    Debunking "Care" Hype

    I figured.. Ive been meaning to learn to do setups myself. Is the stewmac kit good or trash?
  7. Ampex456

    Debunking "Care" Hype

    As we all know there is a plethora of info on the web, much of it conflicting, about how to take care of an expensive, daily used, best friend instrument. I have a 2013 Trad that I love more than any other guitar and wouldn't change a thing about it. I bought it this new years brand new, and 6...
  8. Ampex456

    Is every neck pickup muddy???

    I have a Trinity 18 watt running with an OD. I turned the gain down, turned the bass on the amp all the way off and its still not there. I just can't seem to get any attack out of it once there is any gain. All my other guitars have SD and Mojotone pups, I am really leaning towards swapping it...
  9. Ampex456

    Is every neck pickup muddy???

    It seems like every stock neck pickup I have is terrible!! Just bought a 13 Trad. Redid all the wiring (50s) with nice pots and caps. It plays like a dream and the bridge pickup is on point, BUT the classic 57 in the neck sounds like the tone is rolled off. I've lowered the pup down to the...

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