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  1. BenjaminW

    Inspirations and Favorite Guitarists

    Randy Rhoads, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck, John Sykes, and John Norum are all major influences on my playing. They're all unique in their own ways whether it be through pure chops or how melodic or out of the box their playing is. I could go on and on with specific...
  2. BenjaminW

    Randy Rhoads and Diary of a Madman

    The riff right before the solo coming out of the acoustic section in Diary of a Madman (~4:13) is honestly my favorite guitar riff of all time. It’s just so heavy, evil sounding, and badass. As much as I love Randy and consider him to be my favorite guitarist, I will definitely agree that...
  3. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  4. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  5. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  6. BenjaminW

    RIP, DarrellV

    Such a great presence on the forum. RIP
  7. BenjaminW

    Best Sounding Rock Albums

    Toto has always had excellent sounding albums.
  8. BenjaminW

    Let’s Talk Attenuators

    I use a Rivera Rock Crusher because I’d like to keep my hearing. Originally, I’d crank the master volume on my 2203 and attenuate the amp virtually as low as it could go. Wasn’t getting the tone I liked, so I kept the master volume on 2 and slightly attenuate it. Much, much better tone to my ears.
  9. BenjaminW

    Live albums with the power to excite after all these years.

    Absolute chills listening to this album.
  10. BenjaminW

    Sounds Like?: A Turd

    Just like this album below, this song deserves to be called Shit Sandwich.
  11. BenjaminW

    Opinions on noiseless Strat pickups

    Yngwie has used noiseless single coils his entire career. You can also go onto Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan’s websites and use their pickup selectors that they do for you based on the questions they give you.
  12. BenjaminW

    NGD! EVH Wolfgang!!

    I've got a Wolfgang Standard in Quicksilver. That thing rocks! Glad to see another Wolfgang user out there and have yourself a happy NGD!
  13. BenjaminW

    Music you love that no one you know gets...

    Britney Spears and Ariana Grande have become my guilty pleasures. Hated them when I was younger and also when was a massive gatekeeper, but I just said screw it and thought I’d give them a try again and now I can shamelessly listen to them!
  14. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  15. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  16. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  17. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  18. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

  19. BenjaminW

    The Song Name Game

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