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  1. Spekter

    Gibson '50-'60 serial number stamps

    Hi Alex, I got the stamps and they look great. Lucky I got in when I did. Thanks again for helping me out with the third number 1. Great service, and eight days from Belarus to Toronto is amazing. :thumb:
  2. Spekter

    Gibson '50-'60 serial number stamps

    Hi Alex, I need a set. Refinishing a 1960 Jr. Please PM me with the details. One issue is I need three 1's. Thanks
  3. Spekter

    Here's a cool thread....

    Bursts for sale are pretty few and far between up here. I remember a '58 for sale at Ring Music in Toronto in about 1982 for $5k(approx $4k US) if I recall correctly. It was pretty beat and faded. I thought it was a gold top at first. Anybody else from Toronto remember that one?
  4. Spekter

    5 Pauls on the wall

    How does she feel about all the cases? :laugh2:
  5. Spekter

    5 Pauls on the wall

    And a shot of the lower rack too please!!
  6. Spekter

    57 Junior Purchase help

    Not a 3/4. The neck joins the body at the 16th fret. A three quarter neck joint would be at the 14th fret. My bet is a replaced fingerboard, it looks too flat.
  7. Spekter

    57 Junior Purchase help

    Looks like it only has 20 frets and the rosewood board has been cut short or replaced. Twelfth fret has one dot in the centre? Bridge and knobs don't look right either.
  8. Spekter

    RIP BB King :(

    Hail to The King. R.I.P. BB
  9. Spekter

    Legitimacy of Bursts in the marketplace – Real or Fake?

    You soaked up oil with Peter Green's old shirt? :laugh2:
  10. Spekter

    1958 gibson les paul custom

    The key words in the post above from a first time poster rezzing a zombie thread from 2010 are: At which point we say, well let's have a look at your guitar. :fingersx:
  11. Spekter

    Need some info on 53 conversion

    Make sure you check the back of the headstock very closely. I see a faint darker line right above that little chip in the finish which could be a repair. Also, it's on consignment so they may not have much room to move on price. Good Luck !!
  12. Spekter

    Saw this this morning

    Pics stolen from ebay 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Black Beauty PAF Vintage RARE | eBay Everybody back to work. :laugh2:
  13. Spekter

    Does anyone have information on Steve Jones' 1954 Les Paul Custom

    This is not the guitar in question. This looks like a 70's Les Paul Standard with the wide binding in the cutaway and nickel keystone tuners.
  14. Spekter

    Gibson Shipping Ledger Scans 1957 to 1969 wanted...

    This is cool. You can see the duplicate serial numbers between '66 and '69. Also, where are all these 1966 SG TV Models that are listed? :wow:
  15. Spekter

    Goodbye to my Stepson and a new old friend.

    Karma works both ways and you sir just earned a point in the plus column. Looks like your gesture could be a turning point for your son.
  16. Spekter

    Why is the "Other Gibsons" now a sub-sub-thread?

    I had to Google it to find it. :laugh2:
  17. Spekter

    Don't hyperventilate, but...

    Just have a look at the seller's other items for sale and previously sold -- a bunch of replicas and relics made by Nicholas Lee Custom Guitars. Also, it's the same seller who was selling the guitar discussed here: . Not...
  18. Spekter

    NGD - '78 SG Standard

    Pickups are Tarbacks that Bill Lawrence designed when he worked for Gibson in the 70's.
  19. Spekter

    Where are all the vintage plain tops?

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would re-top a clean but plain '58 to '60 Burst for a new flamed top. Wouldn't the refin detract from the value as much as the flames add to it?

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