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  1. r9in09

    Anybody Interested In Some 8/4 Spanish Cedar

    Interested and would potentially take 50-60 bd ft
  2. r9in09

    OK So...I played a TH9 today

    NO Stairway, dude!
  3. r9in09

    Is everybody wet-sanding lacquer?

    true, I considered going for a two-wheel set up but decided I didn't need it and honestly I'm OK with the finishes this method produces. Again, I don't go for a car like finish just good old fashioned Martin, Gibson style. The shop fox is a great call, the only reason I didn't get that (well...
  4. r9in09

    Is everybody wet-sanding lacquer?

    yup and it works like the bizniz too! Mine's going around at about 1000 rpm, had to get that 9" pulley to bring it down from the 3600 rpm the machine runs at...
  5. r9in09

    Is everybody wet-sanding lacquer?

    Ya I've done this before and my problem with orbital buffer and the reason I built the DIY wheel shown above is because you can tell straight away a finish that was buffed with an orbital vs one buffed on a wheel. And for lacquer, nothing beats a wheel buffed finish. It just has this "look" to...
  6. r9in09

    Is everybody wet-sanding lacquer?

    I don't go nuts with wet sanding, but you should add a drop or two of dishsoap to the water for better results and process improvement. I start with 400 and finish at 1200 then hit the buffing wheel which I made diy. Gets me from this... to this and leaves a little bit of the vintage...
  7. r9in09

    Experience with buildaburst kit...

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the elapsed time issue. Still, even if I'd started building/assembling the day it arrived, these things still take 4-6 months to finish off and that's working on it most every weekend day and some nights too. It's hard to know what the finished product will be like...
  8. r9in09

    Experience with buildaburst kit...

    overall very good quality wood and tone from the finished guitar. heavier than I would prefer (9.89 lbs).
  9. r9in09

    I went to see Joe B last night......

    IIRC, I watched a taped interview (or read) that in the early days of him owning bursts he would actually carry them on the plane and purchase a ticket/seat for the guitar. It worked for a few flights but then he started running in to issues with oversold flights and crew not being super...
  10. r9in09

    Burny Gold Top

    PM sent, interested to negotiate a sale
  11. r9in09

    Need help to find out value of Jimmy Page #2 aged

    I find it slightly better than average and recommend using some gorgomyte on the fretboard to improve the look considerably.
  12. r9in09


    Love it, glws
  13. r9in09

    FS: Marshall SL5

    PM sent
  14. r9in09

    burst build for sale on craigslist

    59 burst clone
  15. r9in09

    burst build for sale on craigslist

    Still up for sale, been out of town but folks have been fairly interested so far. Couple tire kickers but no one has ponied up yet!
  16. r9in09

    burst build for sale on craigslist

    Thanks man. I hope it goes to a good home. bought a house and ya know... it's needs stuff. It seems to be whispering "feeeed me" all the time.
  17. r9in09

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    For Sale: Bartlett kit burst build. Bay Area. burst guitar "1959"
  18. r9in09

    burst build for sale on craigslist

    hey all, I'm selling the bartlett kit guitar I built a while back. burst guitar "1959" It's the Bay Area if you're interested to check it out.

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