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  1. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

    Social media has fast tracked the human race into anti-social behaviour. Particularly empowering narcissistic, Machiavellian, sociopaths because there is no real way to control them online. Just look at the number of people in this very thread that claim they are sick of human contact....
  2. Freddy G

    Happy Birthday Dav Grape! February 6…

    Happy B-day DavGrape!
  3. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

    already explained the difference
  4. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

    haha...that's different! You are working for the benefit of your own business. Like me. that's the greatest motivation there is.
  5. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

  6. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

    Another thing that surprised me was..... all these people working from home....what are they working at? Seems to me that very few people do anything tangible... We used to make things, build things! Who is doing that anymore? Is everyone just sitting at a desk punching on a keyboard? I'll take...
  7. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

    Perhaps, but I will venture that human nature prevails.
  8. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

    My observation is that people "working" from home are far less productive.
  9. Freddy G

    It can't happen fast enough...

    Yeah no shit! bunch of useless drain on society twats!
  10. Freddy G

    A Gibson with a rear Fender. I love this song. The live version I just saw.

    They sound great! Love that bite on that tele. I love this tune as well! Played it in one of the first bands I was in.
  11. Freddy G


    Should have mentioned....kilometers, not miles! So that would be 288k miles. Mrs. G put the lion's share on. She has a horse and trailers him on trips....
  12. Freddy G

    Seeking Advice

    Send it to me. I'll do you dad proud. edit - what I mean is I would do what it takes to make it the best player it can be while taking care to retain every ounce of vintage mojo....
  13. Freddy G


    Thnx....I hope so too! I ordered it in May of 2022 and got it today. That's a hell of a wait time!
  14. Freddy G


    New truck day! Loaded Denali...retiring my faithful 2008 Sierra with 465K . Bought that one new as well and it was an excellent ride.
  15. Freddy G

    What was your worst gig experience?

    100% but also in band between playing tunes. I will not tolerate anyone noodling while a discussion is being had. Because it's (in our case anyway) an important discussion regarding some aspect of the performance. Practices are serious business that should be run like the military...
  16. Freddy G

    What was your worst gig experience?

    I posted this before: Davidson, Quebec. Late summer of 1983, I was 18. We had an agent in Toronto who sent us all over Ontario and Quebec. He booked our dates as if he was throwing darts at a map while blindfolded. So we pull into this logging town in the middle of bumf*ck nowhere and set up to...
  17. Freddy G

    Horrible gig today.

    we've all been there....that what they say anyway! :applause:
  18. Freddy G

    Trying a different rig for our show tonight

    That Heritage looks sweet...but I wanna see more of the cutie in the funky pants!
  19. Freddy G

    Small club or bar - live sound or everything direct-in?

    I'd say it's almost completely dependent of the skill of the sound tech and the quality of the PA equipment. I've been doing this for a long time! Like @NotScott....everything from arenas to tiny clubs.
  20. Freddy G

    video shoot

    Thanks man! Yeah that's my CAR superstrat. Alder body, non locking old type Floyd Rose (non fine tuners), Gibson 498t humbucker in the bridge, Dimarzio blue velvet in the middle and Lindy Fralin P90 in a single coil size in the neck. Quartersawn roasted maple neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard...

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