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    Strange New Toy+

    I went through this exact same thing about five years ago, you'll be OK.
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    Cab recommendation for Orange Tiny Terror?

    The Orange 1x12 cab is good quality. IMO.
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    1956 Gold Top Re-Finish

    G O L D Just NOT by Gibson
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    Your Thoughts On Painted Baffle Board

    If you paint it, it won't "breathe" right?
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    The burst ...

    Everyone here is damaged by having seen that pic... May God have mercy on your soul.
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    In my LP... SD Antiquity
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    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    YES. I have one in a 5f1 I built a few years back and I LOVE it.
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    Gibson quality going down the drain again ...

    Rich Corinthian leather... accept nothing less.
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    Unmatched power tubes in a cathode biased amp?

    You will create a shift in the space time continuum and the earth will spin wildly off it's axis. Or it will be OK.
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    No Nothing about Building an Amp.

    ...and be very careful what you decide because once you start, you can't stop!
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    No Nothing about Building an Amp.

    5f1 Tweed Champ. Easy build and it sounds amazing cranked. Seriously fun amp.
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    lacquer advice please

    He needs to live with a limp now...
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    Magnetic Components (Classic Tone transformers) closing down

    What a shame, very sad to see them go. They've been around a long time, still make transformers the way they were "back in the day", and all at a very fair price. I've built at least six amps using their stuff and iI will sure miss their product. I just ordered up 4 more transformners from...
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    new tubes

    Tung Sol 6L6 STR
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    NGD - Epiphone Les Paul Special 2020

    Congrats! (I hate you)
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    NAD: Supro 1697RH Galaxy

    Stop it. I hate you. Both of you.

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