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    I got scared off Epiphone when I read....

    Not much more I can add here. I have both Gibsons and Epiphones. I play both brands about equally. They are different, not better/worse. I tried them all before buying and bought the guitars the felt the best in hand and sounded nice. The quality of luthier setup I paid for afterward had...
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    New chunk of wood

    Cool guitar. You can see where it used to have keystones installed. Grover Deluxes or Kluson deluxe RI's would be boss on that rig.
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    NGD - '57 Reissue Epi Les Paul Junior - bought new in 2015!

    Great looking junior! If only Gibson still made them like this ;)
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    Are you strings touching the body of the TOM bridge after they wrap over the saddles and head into the tail piece? If yes, you could either lower your bridge or raise your tail piece. An option to consider would be the Faber tailpiece screws, which come with spacers that allow you to adjust...
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    NGD - 50th Anniversary SG Special

    I have a similar Gibson model - love it. P90 SG's are "to the max". [/URL][/IMG]
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    Ephiphone Les Paul Value?

    Totally location dependent. Nice hard case, that does add value over a lesser case.
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    machinehead coming off the wood

    What guitar is it? I've had this before with the press-in bushings and in my case, I felt it made sense to change the machine heads from pree-in bushing type to screw-in bushing type. Problem solved in that there is now a mechanical union between the bushing and the tuner.
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    SOMETIMES they have to be deepened - it depends if the strings re slipping off the saddles to not. If the do, it's usually the low E and A strings.
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    breaking headstock?

    That looks like an SKB case - if so, they are worth $150 by themselves.
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    Mr. Epiphone, Epoxy is good for boats but not for guitars!!!

    Well that turned out nice. Did you record it before doing any work so you can compare whether it sounds any better with Nitro vs. PE?
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    '56 Goldtop

    Personally, I love P90's :) I wonder what is costs for Clive to ship them to Canada? ;)
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    Pickup swap and Jimmy Page wiring on my Epi LP Classic

    FWIW, has anyone tried it with decent CTS push/pulls?
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    Does that RC have a carved maple top? Or just veneer over a cap of some other wood like a PTP?
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    Threw in the towel and ordered the parts...

    The Gotoh stuff is good, the Faber stuff leaves it behind in the dust. If you ever see one in person, you'll see what I mean :)
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    ES-339 Modifications

    All the Epiphone P90 guitars I have examined had .022uF caps. FWIW.
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    Threw in the towel and ordered the parts...

    Out of curiosity - why the roller bridge? Normally I think of RB's when a term system is used. The a non-term setup, a decent quality ABR or Nashville bridge with good quality saddles is usually what I opt for.
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    Better time for an Epiphone?

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    Got a Epi les paul special II ,i really like it

    Not without a good setup. PLEK is not THAT good ;)
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    Should you be playing your Electric unplugged....?

    FWIW, I need all my electric guitars to sound reasonable when unplugged because I tend to sit on the couch and play unplugged between commercials when vegging at home. It doesn't need to sound perfect, but it needs to be passable. Part of the reason why a hollow-body is in the arsenal. I have...
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    Does anyone have an Epi LP they'll never get rid of?

    If you already have a BB3 and the guitar is already not stock, getting a used BB2 off the bay and making that upgrade is a no-brainer IMHO :) Nice guitar.

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