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  1. Gryphon

    Pickups or Pots where to start?

    From the photo it looks like your pickups are wired modern style, ie the caps are soldered to the pickup connection lugs at the volume pots. If the caps were connected to the switch connection lugs on the volume pots you'd have 50's wiring.
  2. Gryphon

    Pickups or Pots where to start?

    If you post an image of the pots and caps in the guitar we will be able to tell you if your guitar has modern wiring and explain how to to convert it to 50s wiring which will probably make it sound more like the others you mention.
  3. Gryphon

    If I play with everything on 10, does 300k vs 500k pots matter?

    I swapped out my stock Gibson pots (300k) for new CTS 500k ones years ago and yes its brighter at ten. The good news is that if you set the new pots at about 7 it sounds same as it did before so there is nothing lost, just more treble on tap if you need it. If the guitar is still too dark, the...
  4. Gryphon

    Guitar Center in Los Angeles county PEE-YEW!

    Up near Seattle, our local GC in Lynwood is doing way better than they used to. I think they have a good manager and staff as its improved a lot in last few years. They now have loads of used gear at attractive prices, and their selection of new and used acoustics in particular was excellent...
  5. Gryphon

    Where Does the Tone Come From in a Guitar Amplifier?

    Jim Lill does it again. Very thought-provoking video. What I took away from this is that learning how to use your tone controls on your amp will probably save you buying other amps.
  6. Gryphon

    Naga Viper & Orange Amps?

    Until I get my hands on a Naga Viper or similar booster I've discovered that the OR15 has such good tone controls that cutting the bass, taking some out of middle, leaving treble at noon, and hitting it with a transparent OD works wonders. Not as good as I expect a real treble booster to be, but...
  7. Gryphon

    Pickup magnet replacement for UOA5

    New UOA5 magnets are real cheap - about $7 for a pair. Here.
  8. Gryphon

    Pickup magnet replacement for UOA5

    Loose pickup covers or windings can cause microphonics even on potted pickups. If you are going to get the pickup rebuilt that should fix all the looseness. Change magnets only if pickup tone is wrong for guitar; going UOA5 -> A5 makes pickup stronger and brighter. I'd never wax pot any pickup...
  9. Gryphon

    Anybody try Obsidian solderless harnesses?

    I was just watching this video by Rhett Shull and it reminded me of this thread and irocdave12's question of whether the Obsidian wiring board included a treble bleed mod for each volume pot. Checking back through my email I found that Obsidian confirmed that, yes, the small cap and resistor are...
  10. Gryphon

    How to Properly Set the Pole Piece Height on Humbuckers

    I've been playing around with pickup balancing for some time now, and I recommend you try the Radio Shack sound meter to help 'see' differences in level. Seeing is a good backup to hearing, I guess... These meters are often used for home audio but work for guitar too. It's especially useful in...
  11. Gryphon

    Best Justification for Good Pickups Ever

    Given that he had a SD Vintage stack on the Anderson tele, as you are a professional pickup builder, what pickups (not your own!) would have been a much better choice on a guitar of that quality? I assume you'll go for low-wind, unpotted, etc., but would interested to know what brands really...
  12. Gryphon

    Best Justification for Good Pickups Ever

    I've seen a few videos like this one before, but this is superb. If you ever doubted that pickup selection and pickup setup were by far the most significant factors in your tone, watch this:
  13. Gryphon

    Best Pedalboard Power Supplies

    MXR ISO-Brick as it has loads of isolated outputs at a variety of voltages, including 18v and adjustable volts. Noting that it didn't come with any mounting brackets for any board, I had to fabricate a couple of velcro covered spacers to fit it under my Pedaltrain Classic Jr. With that done, it...
  14. Gryphon

    Best Overview of Blues Soloing Theory I've Ever Seen

    For decades I've been trying to figure out what scales I should be playing over what chords for blues. The only guitar lesson I ever had was on that specific subject and the instructor left me more confused than before. So imagine my joy when one youtube video explained it all in terms of...
  15. Gryphon

    NGD: 50s Standard and Burstbucker question

    Surprised that whoever did the caps didn't wire them 50's style. Regarding the better tone in this model: are the pot values same as the 2020?
  16. Gryphon

    Jeff Beck Strat with 0% Original Parts

    I have a JB strat and this guitar on Seattle CL seems to have nothing in common save the roller nut (on the wrong neck). But it's 'custom' and 'better than Fender' so what are you waiting for lol. Seattle CL
  17. Gryphon

    Favorite Distortion?

    That is the conventional view but I did note on That Pedal Show the guys said that using a clean boost in the loop can work very well if you use high levels of preamp gain but less than maximum master volume. The boost will kick up the volume as if you had turned up the master. If you tried to...
  18. Gryphon

    Pedal board build

    This is what it looks like. EDIT: it also has a choice between true bypass and buffered bypass; the latter is really useful if you want to use long cables, lots of pedals, etc., and don't want to have tone suck away.
  19. Gryphon

    Pedal board build

    I like the TC Electronics Polytune 3 for a tuner. Can check all 6 at once, or strobe tune each. Inexpensive too.
  20. Gryphon

    What OD/Distortion For Orange Terror Amps

    This episode of That Pedal Show covers a lot of ground on picking OD pedals including how to OD a gain-ey amp:

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