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  1. the_lawyer

    Zappa's modded 54? Gold top

    Apostrophe for the catastrophe…
  2. the_lawyer

    My Tweed Champ is making funny sounds.

    Maybe you have played to many Beatles songs?
  3. the_lawyer

    Biggest complaints about consistent Fender Stratocaster features? Wanting to learn for a build I'm planning.

    The humming and buzzing…..while our last session it was unbearable. I hate that darn thing, but it sounded so good!
  4. the_lawyer

    Help me pic an R9-

    The lemon looks a bit like a - really superb- LP Standard, while the washed cherry screams R9
  5. the_lawyer

    Horse trading results, Stratocaster content

    You did what?
  6. the_lawyer

    Mark Tremonti Signature: PRS Quality Continues to Impress Me

    Wow! Can‘t say a bad thing…..and I don‘t like PRS at all!
  7. the_lawyer

    NGD: I did a bad, bad thing ...

    Excellent taste! No PRS in sight!
  8. the_lawyer

    Amp P$&n Thread….Amps are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Fender Frontman 10G! Bought used for 20 bucks… I will use this in my holiday home with my 80$ Squier Strat. That little amp sounds clean pretty good!
  9. the_lawyer

    My first Suhr

    Nice one! That’s for suhr!
  10. the_lawyer

    NBAD! Fender Rumble 100 Bass Amp

    New Bass Amp Day! Got this Fender Rumble 100 at a bargain. I will take this lightweight amp to the band session tomorrow and see how it works. 100 Watt are fairly enough as I need it mainly as a stage monitor. Added a nice Blackface logo I had in my drawer for some time….
  11. the_lawyer

    Fender American Vintage II

    Do they sell it with the G&G cases or with the new chinese lookalikes?
  12. the_lawyer

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    2022 Fender Player Series Acoustasonic Telecaster in a proper case! The ideal couch guitar! I will see how it works on stage…..
  13. the_lawyer

    Ugliest les Paul ?

    On par with the Fender „Rocky“ Stratocaster. The difference is that the seller isn‘t George Harrison….
  14. the_lawyer

    NGD! 2017 Gibson ES 335 in Light Burst!

    Really happy to have found one that‘s not cherry/natural/3TS sunburst.
  15. the_lawyer

    NGD! 2017 Gibson ES 335 in Light Burst!

    Here is mine in daylight. It’s not easy to get a good shot without any reflections.
  16. the_lawyer

    NGD! 2017 Gibson ES 335 in Light Burst!

    Greatings from the Western Cape! Bought here locally: 2017 Gibson ES 335 in an interesting light burst finish. Looks like a super faded sunburst. Plays like a dream, sounds awesome. Happy as can be….More pics to come, folks!
  17. the_lawyer

    1960 ES 330 History of ownership

    This person is likely dead anyway…

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