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    TikTok and Twitter users are trying to cancel Metallic now.

    Hehe…. In that case, one SOD song could do the job of a entire SLAYER album!
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    Stainless Steel Refret Before & After - Do You Hear a Difference?

    I was. Taking a piss? Looks like showers this morning.
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    Are These Tonepros the correct fit for my Gibson

    I have this same bridge and tailpiece on a LP and Explorer. ANVR on another. Leave the existing tailpiece bushings in place, ^“the new ones are to small for the hole”.^ The new bridge bushings fit and matched the black finish. These are good parts from my past experience, very well made...
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    Pumpkin time!

    Isn’t it a bit early for pumpkins? Usually small and green this time of year.
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    Twerking on a subway train with midgets, Hennessy, and a slip and slide!

    Taking a ride on the John Osterlind time machine.
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    Stainless Steel Refret Before & After - Do You Hear a Difference?

    How so? I don’t see the relation between SS frets and a brass nut. Why not locking tuners?
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    Japanese Murder Monkeys

    I’d trap ‘em and sell them on the black market to China.
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    Personal Milestone......Updated ....NGD!!....pg3

    Congratulations on 30yrs. For myself, 5+yrs. I just didn’t enjoy it anymore and they stopped brewing what I drank. Lost my taste for any kind of alcohol, happened fast.
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    Which of you guys would?

    What’s the fried chicken situation?
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    Happy Birthday Kill Em All

    I was 16 that summer. My crew that I hung out with got the demo at the end of the school year. Was into Motorhead, Venom and Raven big time so Metallica fit right in. Then "Kill 'Em All For One" came to my city
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    2022 LP Classic ABR Bridge - Are they Nashville posts?

    I have both Nashville and NVR (ABR) TonePros bridges on my LP’s. The ABR version tends to get infrequent rattling on random strings, chrome one then with a nickel. I like their Nashville bridge. The body is solid under the saddles, not open (hollow). Plenty of intonation room. Solid. Also...
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    New ZZ Top - Raw

    Dam, that bass tone is devastating!
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    2022 LP Classic ABR Bridge - Are they Nashville posts?

    The TonePros bridge will come with the correct post and stud size included. The new post (10/32) will screw into the existing Gibson USA stud. So, you don’t have to pull them.
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    2022 LP Classic ABR Bridge - Are they Nashville posts?

    Both TonePros Nashville and NVR bridges will fit.
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    Does a goldtop sound different than an IDENTICAL LP with regular nitro?

    I’ve seen them described as sounding,
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    AFD 35th anniversary

    I avoided GnR back then. Didn’t like them at all. It was to “Glam” for me. Thought Snakepit and VelvetRevolver were good, they grew on me. Picked up AFD used three years ago and was blow away. I have more respect for them now. AFD brings to mind how Irvine Welch described his writing as “dark...
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    Pantera “Reunion” Tour?

    Zak is the best fit. He was tight with Dime, Phill. Probably the only fit, fronting a band onstage with Phill Anselmo. They sound good together, and add Benante….Man!
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    Does MSRP even matter anymore or is it just there to piss me off?

    Kinda’ like used LP’s.
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    Overused terms related to guitars?

    Original frets with plenty of life left in them. "Your guitar...." in a for sale. Guit-fiddle

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