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    Marilyn Mosby......

    I expect another opening for legal counsel on the HRC for President campaign team. She can have the office next to Wasserman-Schultz. And don't forget the pay raise. :fingersx:
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    AT&T Direct TV or Cox cable?

    If you have a PS3 or PS4 in your house, get a free trial for Playstation Vue. I tried it for a few days and quickly got rid of my whopper Comcast TV package.
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    Germany blast: Ansbach bar explosion 'leaves one dead'

    Here's the map that most everyone sees: How about Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE? Meh - not so much apparently.
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    What a waste

    Man, you're not kidding. Over here - even a good percentage of our homeless folks are morbidly obese. :hmm: Seriously.
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    Shooting at ft Myers club

    Oh, that's right. This didn't take place in Chicago, so it's officially a tragedy due to gun violence. Thanks for the correction, good sir.
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    Shooting at ft Myers club

    Isn't this the same website that listed Christopher Dorner and one of the Tsarnaev brothers (the dead one) as "victims of gun violence?" :laugh2: Yeah - for the feelz.
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    Shooting at ft Myers club

    From the NYT: You know, it just isn't a party until the 12 year olds start showing up...
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    What guitar are you GASsing for right now?

    Drooling for this R9 on CL Nashville for $4k asking money (no, it's not mine nor do I know the seller):
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    The New Seat

    Dude, not enough chrome... :D Nice ride.
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    Sitar Effect

    This one: Skip to 1:30 or so if you want to get right to it.
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    Who would be on bass?

    No contest...I'd want The Rocker himself:
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    Les Paul Custom. Honey Burst.

    Badass... But would look better with a pick guard. Yes, I kid :laugh2::laugh2::D
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    Joe perry has heart attack on stage

    Yeah - check this out...
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    I Am So Happy To Have Found Out I Am Not Crazy!

    Pure gold, Joey.
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    I Am So Happy To Have Found Out I Am Not Crazy!

    OP, don't look at this as getting back on the bicycle. A buddy of mine is recently single (married for 10+ years). Every single chick he's been out with has one or more of the following: 1. Codependence issues. 2. Drug dependence issues 3. Daddy issues (talking women in their 30's and 40's...
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    bringing out the big guns

    My BCT drew some rack-grade M14's (40 of them) from Anniston Army Depot prior to going to Iraq. I got to set them up (purchased Leupold optics, SEI mounts, fiberglass stocks, biothane slings, etc.), sent the guys to training, etc. Good times involved. Our snipers had transitioned to M24's and...
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    Giving up coffee

    Years ago, my new doctor asked me if "I was still on caffeine." Like it was coke or heroin. When I stopped laughing in his face, I told him that I gave up nicotine, I gave up binge drinking, and that was going to be it. In a day, new doc became former doc.
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    What's your carry knife?

    Obligatory big knife photo: Strider BN - I bought this thing as a response to friends buying what they considered "big knives" prior to my time in Iraq (circa 2004). The one in the picture isn't mine - mine's in a lock box someplace, waiting on my demise and for further handoff to my oldest...
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    Rainbow? Yes - Rainbow with RB!

    According to Wiki, it's Lords of Black singer Ronnie Romero.
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    Rainbow? Yes - Rainbow with RB!

    Had no idea that RB's Rainbow would be at Monsters of Rock. Neat - haven't heard Blackmore play a Strat in a very long time.

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