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  1. rafazu41

    How many famous Les Paul Custom players can we name?

    Robby Krieger from The Doors and Vini Reilly from Durutti Column
  2. rafazu41

    This is how the 2015 pickguard works

    I think the pick guard bracket got some mojo and looks cool :slash:
  3. rafazu41

    If you could only use one pedal

    My boss dd7!!
  4. rafazu41

    Is this Brazilian Rosewood?

    Thanks for all the replies I am really happy with the instrument, it plays and sound great! :thumb:
  5. rafazu41

    Is this Brazilian Rosewood?

    So i just bought the guitar and i am really impressed with its sound and the build quality. I think it could be a high end Giannini. The fingerboard looks more like a solid wood slab and not plywood but i am no expert. Its heavy compared to some cheap acoustics I've had. The sides and...
  6. rafazu41

    Is this Brazilian Rosewood?

    Thank for the input Bruce, today ill go and check the guitar. I also contacted with Giannini to see if they can tell me more info about the guitar. From what i have seen and read it seems to be a 60s model. Ill post some more pics if i end up buying it.
  7. rafazu41

    Is this Brazilian Rosewood?

    It looks a lot like this Giannini Guitar Elvis used to own. Im looking for a classical guitar and the moment and thinking on buying it. The guy is selling it for 270,000COP which is around 140US. I offered him 150,000COP which is about 80bucks. Any suggestions? The guy also told me that the...
  8. rafazu41

    Is this Brazilian Rosewood?

    Yess its a Giannini Guitar. Thanks for the replies. No idea of the value?
  9. rafazu41

    Is this Brazilian Rosewood?

    Thanks for the reply RAG, I agree with you, the fingerboard seems BRW but the back and sides don't.
  10. rafazu41

    Is this Brazilian Rosewood?

    So i found this guitar locally, its a Brazilian made classical guitar. Its from a company that have been building guitars since 1900. I am no expert but the fretboard looks like the pictures i have seen of brazilian, with dark and light strokes. Thanks for any help
  11. rafazu41

    Les Paul Special to Teadrop mod :shock:

    :shock::shock: Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar Customized to Tear Drop | eBay
  12. rafazu41

    Visual Sound 1 SPOT users?

    I am just exposing my personal experience with both products, it could have been my rig what made the difference. But that was certainly my experience. I think the Joyo is more versatile because it have 9, 12 and 18v outputs which is good if you need it.
  13. rafazu41

    Overdrive pedals dilemma. Help!

    I have read great reviews of the Soul Food. It sounds just like the Klon Centaur which is highly regarded Boost/OD. Here a Demo
  14. rafazu41

    Visual Sound 1 SPOT users?

    It might not be isolated but its definitely quieter, better built and more versatile than the 1 Spot which didn't last long on my hands.
  15. rafazu41

    Visual Sound 1 SPOT users?

    Yes it is or at least its advertised as such. The Joyo JP-01 is not isolated.
  16. rafazu41

    drum machine in a pedal

    Check this out! Its a maestro Rhythm n sound
  17. rafazu41

    What's the Point?

    The amp CAN sound better but its harder to carry around.
  18. rafazu41

    Visual Sound 1 SPOT users?

    In my opinion, daisy chain adapters would cause unwanted hum and noise if you have a long chain of pedals. For a hum free power supply you will need one with isolated outputs. I run 9 pedals and i use the Joyo power supply 2 which is the cheapest one i found with isolated output.The only...
  19. rafazu41

    recommend me a compressor

    The Mooer Yellow Comp, its supposedly a Diamond Compressor clone and it costs less than $100. I own a Mooer Pure boost and it is pretty good, its a Xotic RC Booster clone.
  20. rafazu41

    Running 9v pedal at 12v

    I also did my search but couldn't find anything.. Ill go with the second option since i don't have money to replace my muff at the moment and i actually like the double muff better than the other muff I've tried, it suits my style better. I really don't NEED more headroom i just want to...

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