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  1. apocalypsebob

    Hard Time Sale: Pod X3 LIVE, Egnater Tweaker

    Having a really rough time financially so I have to part with some of the few things I have left. Egnater tweaker 15 head + 12 in cab - $550 shipped hardly used, still has factory tubes Pod X3 live - $275 shipped used mostly for headphone jamming at night...may have lost the manuals, but...
  2. apocalypsebob

    Post your artwork

    I have been absent from here for a while, been busy trying to improve myself professionally and personally here are a couple of my latest works. Hope all is well with you guys, I plan to stop in a bit more when I ahve some free time -Bob
  3. apocalypsebob

    Dimebag Darrell

    I put together a small video tribute to dimebag today during some down time...feel free to check it out and share with people that were fans Dimebag Darrell Abbott tribute
  4. apocalypsebob

    FS: Playstation 3

    Anyone out there is guitar land interested in a playstation? I was going to put it on the bay but figured I'd toss it here first. It has been sitting on my shelf for the last 6 months and I don't have time to do anything with it. here is what I'm selling: 160GB PS3 slim console with a...
  5. apocalypsebob

    Transferring Old Video To DVD

    I use this, awesome quality however the software is pure dogshit...once you get it to work it is amazing though. also works to record from tv to pc or from game console to pc have done a few vhs to pc conversions with it Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video...
  6. apocalypsebob

    favorite youtube musicians?

    I was just browsing some of my subscriptions and wondering what you guys have dug up on the tube...share them up this guy is my favorite, does some of the best acoustic covers I've ever heard Ianb4music Careless Whisper - YouTube The Scientist - Coldplay cover - YouTube
  7. apocalypsebob

    is there a synth used on Sharp Dressed Man

    the reverend Billy G works some magic with layered guitars and effects on a lot of songs not only a great player, but man he knows his way around recording too
  8. apocalypsebob

    Banned from the Olympics for a post on twitter

    being an Olympian means you are representing your nation you do something that doesn't fit into the ideal or image your country is trying to convey then they have every right to toss you what she said was ignorant, Olympian or not
  9. apocalypsebob

    Anyone like talking dogs?

    One of my buddies has started a web series using his dogs. The point is the dogs will review things....but they are just stupid dogs. I helped out with most of the design/photos/production he does the writing, voices, etc. First episode is a little rough, but it was a learning...
  10. apocalypsebob

    Maybe I'm losing it

    or maybe I never had it? Who knows. It has been a long few days for me and I need to blow of some steam. The one thing I know when my life is upside down, filled with self doubting and problems with ex women I can come here and find something to occupy my mind. Something to shed a little...
  11. apocalypsebob

    Rock and Roll never Forgets

    play to play, doesn't matter what, doesn't matter how Anders doesn't sing pretty, doesn't get bent up when his fingers land wrong Anders Osborne at the Johnstown Flood City Music Festival - YouTube
  12. apocalypsebob

    I sold a pinball backglass today, Silverball Mania

    love pinball, it is a lost art I think...the game designs are amazing the few modern machines they do still make have too much fluff...I miss playing when i was a kid
  13. apocalypsebob

    Finding Inspiration in the Everyday

    it isn't New York but it damn sure is a state of mind Bruce Springsteen w. Billy Joel - New York State of Mind - Madison Square Garden - 2009/10/29&30 - YouTube
  14. apocalypsebob

    lets talk about this guy

    I would love to see him no matter the age
  15. apocalypsebob

    lets talk about this guy

    I mean come awesome is this guy? Lucille Get Rhythm - Little Richard - YouTube and this gem....amazing But I Try, by Little Richard & The James Gang - YouTube
  16. apocalypsebob

    So, I'm cooking up some bacon

    I was expecting something along these lines Fryin Bacon Nekkid - Roger Alan Wade - YouTube
  17. apocalypsebob

    Name some killer soundtracks/scores

    A few of my favorite clips Who Framed Roger Rabbit OST 18-Valiant & Valiant (Version B) - YouTube pirates of the caribbean - theme - YouTube Jurassic Park Soundtrack-02 Theme from Jurassic Park - YouTube Beetle Juice Theme Song - YouTube
  18. apocalypsebob

    one for the wrasslin' fans

    maybe the best promo ever cut..Flair lived it hard ric flair- slick ric - YouTube
  19. apocalypsebob

    one for the wrasslin' fans

    nothing brings friends together like a good blade job :lol: THROW ME A CHAIR! ECW Fans:Somone Throw Me A Chair Cactus Jack and Terry Funk - YouTube
  20. apocalypsebob

    one for the wrasslin' fans

    I've been plowing through all of my dvds watching a lot of old ECW..brings back memories It was pretty big here (pittsburgh) we actually had it on tv on friday nights. I watched it from the start, probably shouldn't have considering my age but I love it. Still do. I miss Joey Styles...

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