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    Painting a double neck kit and glueing necks

    I was looking at getting one of these kits. I do not like the kits that have the trapezoid inlays. I notice that the kit you have has the dual parallelogram. Which kit is this?
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    Will Heritage Cherry ever be fashionable again?

    What's the color on the left? Is that Tobacco or traditional burst. I like the dark back.
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    Carrying guitar on airplane

    I was given the black custom traveler as a Christmas gift. I love it. I've since changed the bridge as I did not like the feel and of the rollers on my hand. I installed a Wilkerson roller bridge, it is very comfortable now. I also swapped out the pickup to a SD pearly gates bridge pick up. My...
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    My new Traveler Guitar and looking for suggestions

    What did you finally decide on? My wife bought me the traveler eg-1 custom, the black and gold one. I have since replaced the roller bridge with a Wilkerson roller bridge, nice a smooth on the hand. I also replaced the pickup with a Pearly gates bridge pickup, the thing sounds great through an...
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    Thin light weight les paul?

    I'm going to sound like a broken record but go to a music store and play a bunch of guitars. I bought a Sammick SG style, inexpensive guitar very light, nice sound. More importantly it felt great nice and light, good neck feel. Pickups and electronics are easily changed, getting the right feel...
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    Axcess Club

    Musicians friend had a few quilt top Axcess hardtails up for sale crazy price of almost 6k Gibson Custom Les Paul Axcess Standard Quilt Top Electric Guitar | Musician's Friend
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    les paul DC/ les paul axcess (without flloyd rose)

    Also check out PRS SE range guitars. I do not own one. Check out Youtube. Andertons just did a review on a Santana SE model.
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    Pickups for LP Axcess stop tail

    The guy I bought my Axcess with a Floyd put in Dimarzio The Breed pick ups The Breed. I liked the sound so I kept them in. I have the original pickups that came with the Axcess in the case. I guess I like a more mid range sound.
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    les paul DC/ les paul axcess (without flloyd rose)

    The black DC in the photo is a real gibson. The one broken into pieces in my basement is not:naughty:
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    Odd intonation issue . Why does it sound better in eb ?

    Take it to a pro. I had issues with a Strat and finally took it to my local guy. I could not be happier, I should have gone to him first.
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    Just made a knick in my Les Paul

    Is that the new Jiffy Pop Finish? I just took a chunk out of the front of my double cut with the strap lock.
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    les paul DC/ les paul axcess (without flloyd rose)

    Photo of my Madness
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    les paul DC/ les paul axcess (without flloyd rose)

    Nice and light. When I opened my 08 plain top up I noticed it has a solid center block surrounded by a void. I never weighed it but it feels heavier then the Axcess.
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    les paul DC/ les paul axcess (without flloyd rose)

    I find the axcess guitar to be a bit brighter, I find myself rolling the tone back. I forgot to add I have a Gun metal gray axcess with a Floyd Also. I find that my play style changes because I tend to over use the trem. Someone is selling an ebony Axcess on the forums, for a fair price and...
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    les paul DC/ les paul axcess (without flloyd rose)

    I have 2 axcess LPs, a plain top DC and a Matt Heafy LP 6 string. They all sound and play different. The 08 Plain Top DC is semi hollow, it's ebony. I think I read that it was made for Guitar Center. It originally had Burst Bucker 1 and 2 with 1 tone and 2 volume pots. Not as adjustable as the...
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    >>>Sold<<< 2010 Gibson Axcess Stop Tail in Ebony PRICE DROP $2000

    where was this when I spent $2900. damn
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    Axcess Club

    I Finally found an Ebony standard with a stopbar tail piece and it's being shipped. Just my luck one just popped up on eBay with a 1800 staring bid...
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    Axcess Floyd Rose Bar Tip

    I just ordered one of the the replacement arms like Lepard suggested. What is funny is the trem arm on my dean deceiver stayed put, ($200.00) guitar. The one on my axcess always loosens up and flops around... I would have swapped them if they were the same color.
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    Axcess Club

    Just picked up a Epiphone Matt Heafy Custom six string. Not a bad guitar for the money at all. I find it to be a bit more chunky and a little on the heavy side. It has the Axcess heel joint but no belly scarf. The body seems a little thicker, more like a standard Les Paul compared to Axcess with...
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    Looking to buy ; Les Paul Alex Lifeson Axcess Royal Crimson

    UPDATE I got a bill from DHL for US duty, which I paid.

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