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    NAD - Marshall SL5

    This week i bought a used harley benton 2x12 with V30, it was an opportunity(100€) and definitely the sound is improved, but I bought it to sell the speakers(v30) and to buy a pair of greenback or similar...
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    NAD - Marshall SL5

    Hey Gargoyle, can you record some clip? I'm looking for speakers to improve the sound of this combo and i love greenback style speakers, but i didn't find any demo sl5+greenback. Probably these are the best speaker to use at home (25 watt and 97 db). I found 2 used eminence legend gb128, but it...
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    NAD - Marshall SL5

    I have a Marshall SL-5 and i want to extend it with an additional cab 2x12 or 1x12. Is there anyone who has tried other speakers? there are clips with a creamback and a g12h30 but i don't like this sound. I was thinking about a classic lead 80 or 2x greenback

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