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    My5 Fav. Japanese Guitarists.

    Here's one of my favs, although he hasn't been around as long as the other guys mentioned above. HIZAKI grace project - Race wish (guitar solo) - YouTube
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    Is a PRS Worth it?

    Tone is subjective. They have a tone of their own. Depending on a few PRS models, some of the resale value has gone up in the past few years. From the consensus that say quality of PRS is better than Gibson, I'd have to agree 100%.
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    EdRoman Guitars vs Gibson vs PRS

    It was the made in China OLP models. He will give the customer options like taking care of the sharp fret ends for a fee, replace the crappy tremolo with a real floyd, I think he even offered to replace the pickup as an option. I think they were a 2-3 hundred dollar guitar (stock)to a 600+...
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    Les Paul Studio faded 550$ on CL all day long?

    That sounds about right. Brand new is under $800. These are as base model as you can get for an LP.
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    Question about the P90 PUPs in the LP Tributes

    Are the bridge and neck pickups the same?
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    Too many USA models

    At least they're USA models instead of some specific models made overseas. Right? Aside from Gibson Japan of course.
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    Missing 60's Tribute control metal pointers

    Do the metal pointers go between the washer and the bolt?
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    case for LP Special/Junior

    Darn it, on backorder. I hope they don't discontinue these.
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    2011 Limited Edition BFG with tremolo

    How's the fretboard finish on those? Are they the worn look or are they finished fine like other lp's? I know there's no binding and fretmarkers..etc..
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    New model Gibson LP Jr. at GC today......$699!!

    It was listed as 119.99 at the website. So it's cheaper if you buy instore by 10 bucks?
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    NGD, 60's Tribute Goldtop

    Wow, what a neck! I had to do a double take to see if that's what I'm really seeing on a reg production guitar under $1000. I may get lucky with some reg production fenders with some flame on the neck, but this one is killer.
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    Fake custom on display in NYC hard rock cafe!!!!

    I'm not sure about the other guitars, but not David Gilmour's black strat, before David wanted it back. It was left open hanging somewhere enough where people could reach. When his guitar tech got it back, the knobs were missing and there was some damage. They even lost the guitar case that it...
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    I think those are actual arcade buttons that they ordered from a company that manufactures them. I'm not certain of the size. If its too much of a hassle, just leave as is? Who knows, you may like to keep them there.
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    Gibson LP Studio 60's Tributes at Wildwood!

    Whew! Although in limited numbers, I'm glad they decided to make these on a monthly basis till the end of this year. That way we can all get a chance to get these at reasonable prices with warranty vs. the eye gouging ebay prices.
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    New Tribute 60's now on Gibsons web site

    That looks awesome! I sure hope I can get my hands on one this time around. Is the body resonant?
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    Gibson LP Studio 60's Tributes at Wildwood!

    Really? I thought these were limited like last years.
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    Buckethead Studio Model Feb 11th

    From the other Buckethead forums. The only info I got was it will have a Satin finish, 2 kill switches (not sure if they're the exact same buttons used on the current sig), 500T 496R pickups, chrome hardware and limited to #500. MSRP of $1,898. I really hope they keep the ebony fretboard, longer...
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    ESP Pros is this real?

    +1. These are one of the earlier made Eclipse's. These are usually of high quality and some if not all were made in the custom shop as stated. The see through colors were a dead giveway as many of them were used during the 90's. The ESP logo font they haven't changed, but I don't remember the...
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    best deal you've ever gotten on a Gibson LP?

    I think that's a great deal, since new Studio's go for 1300. Used ones on the bay average around 600-900. I've also seen used ones for $1100!
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    Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Limited Edition Les Paul

    Anybody received theirs? If so, give us a review!

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