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    Is this a 1983 Gibson Les Paul Studio?

    Just because it's a crappy Gibson from the early '80s does not make it rare. I wouldn't pay $200 for it. Sorry....that's just how I see it. Many more better options out there.
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    Gibson News: HenryJ Proclaims Big Surprise on December 11, 2010

    That was exactly my thought.
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    Hendrix Tennis Shoes

    A little severe but similar to my initial reaction.
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    We may be getting a Kitteh.

    I had a Himalayan. She was beautiful but no matter how much we brushed her there was always hair all over everything. I definitely became a "cat" person.
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    Hendrix Tennis Shoes

    On Discuss. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star 'Jimi Hendrix' Pack -
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    Homeless man saves American flag....

    Ever hear of people that have to live in their car because they can't afford a place to live?
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    Mustard fried catfish

    That looks awesome. I'm going to have to try it one of these days. Love Catfish and Tilapia. It would also be good with Swai. I've been buying a lot of that for the past couple of years. Now I'm hungry.
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    favorite/best skynyrd guitarist?

    I always liked Allen the best.
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    Guitar shopping at Best Buy ??

    Not all Best Buy locations have the music store section. I visited one for the first time about six weeks ago and was pretty impressed. Great selection with personable and knowledgable staff. I've heard that they have a pretty good training program for their employees.
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    Who's TV Tommy Ivo?

    Ivo always had some of the sharpest cars and coolest tow rigs. He was one of the first true drag racing Showmen. He understood the business end of it.
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    FLOOD: Gibson employees need our help

    FYI. The Gibson Foundation always disperses 100% of the donations it receives. It's expenses are paid for out of their own pocket.
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    Alright, what the hell is Rick playing in this video?

    Awesome video. Cheap Trick is way under-rated in my book.
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    Segovia playing Mozart. YouTube - Segovia - variations on Mozart's theme
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    Just to clarify, I meant real Classical or Baroque era music. Pieces with contrapuntal melodies, unusual chord voicings, etc. A lot of those pieces weren't written for guitar so they have to be transcribed, which can be a real challenge.
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    My vote goes to Classical. Each genre has its own challenges.
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    Gibson LP Standard 2010 Limited Revealed

    It appears the the stopbar height is adjusted with an allen wrench.
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    Killed by a '57 Les Paul...

    I like the tag line on the link. "The clothes, the instruments, the groupers" LOL. THE GROUPERS??? I guess rock stars do get the best fish. :laugh2:
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    Remember the "Law Suit Era" Gibsons?

    Sorry about that. I misunderstood what you were saying. Whoops. :)
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    Identify this guitar?

    I'm going to say that the first number is an 8 and he can't read it. A lot of them are hard to see. That would make it an '87, which it could be.
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    Gibson Case

    I think they used the brown into 2003 before switching to black. Both of my '02 Standards came with brown cases.

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